8+ Best Weight Loss Motivation Apps that help you to shed Excess Fat


Losing weight requires quite an effort and continuous motivation to stay on course. Weight Loss Motivation Apps could be a useful and handy instrument to stay motivated and helpful to guide up towards a better lifestyle and healthy living.

There are plenty of apps listed on app store focusing on healthy eating, weight loss, dieting. Weight Loss Motivation etc. and it could be a bit overwhelming if you have just started and haven’t tested many apps before.

This is where this guide could be helpful. We have done extensive research and listed 8+ Best Weight Loss Motivation Apps that could help you to shade Excess Fat.

Please bear in mind apps are listed randomly, and there is no specific chronological order in terms of grading and some of the apps required to have paid version installed to avail all the app features.

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#01 – Ultimate Weight Loss – Hypnosis and Motivation:

“Ultimate Weight Loss – Hypnosis and Motivation” is one of the best Weight Loss Motivation Apps that have effective audio speech which motivates you to strive towards reaching your weight loss goal. Here in this app, you will get two free hypnotherapy sessions which are available for free and many extra features with in-app purchase. It also covers more than 70 hypnosis, meditation recording and teaches you to focus on healthy eating and getting fit.

Some of The Key Features Of This App Are Stated Below –
  • Provides excellent Glenn’s hypnosis and meditation videos tracks.
  • Get a free recording of relaxing and sleep hypnotherapy session.
  • This “Ultimate Weight Loss – Hypnosis and Motivation covers vast area of
    • Develop Your Self Confidence, Stop Smoking Exercise Motivation
    • Overcome Addictions
    • Unconditional Love etc.


  • According to user feedback, this app is one of the best hypnosis and meditation apps out there on the market.
  • Recording audio voice is soothing as it should be.


  • The sleep endings and wake endings in the store are not separate.
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Also Available On App Store:

#02 – My Diet Coach – Weight Loss:

The app that keeps you up in your fitness goal and inspires you through different health tips and pictures. “My Diet Coach – Weight Loss” App gives you more than just a calorie counter and weight chart. It helps you in your healthy lifestyle by directing you with all good exercises and healthy eating habits. This diet app was also featured in one of the top publications, i.e. Forbes.

This app distinctly covers the procedures that one can learn how to lose weight fast and naturally just making some slick yet effective healthy lifestyle changes and get into the fitness regime. Upon setting the fitness goal, this app will guide you how efficiently you can achieve the goal without making any drastic changes to your lifestyle. It will give you a timely reminder of important your goal, motivational photos, fitness class and other fitness-related activities. Customize reminder will help you to improve your health and plan your diet as per your needs and schedule. One can improve fitness and nutrition by keeping a close eye on Visual weight tracker, which will notify how much weight you have lost so far.

There are plenty of cool other features could be unlocked with $5-$35 in-app-purchase.

You Can Get From Here The Details As Well As The Key Features Of This App –
  • Set your health goal and get tips according to that.
  • Great app that also reminds you for your exercises.
  • You can log on and can accept simple challenges from here.
  • Get inspiring pictures and tips for your weight loss goals.
  • Get your own diet plan.
  • Calorie Counter.
  • View the graph of your weight loss details.
  • BMI or BMR Calculator.


  • Users love the extensive food diary.
  • It gives the accurate number of any particular food which completely eradicates the issue of overeating.
  • The visual presentation of weight loss tracker is great for motivation.
  • In short, it is the modern version of old-fashioned food and exercise journal!


  • This app is more on the expensive side. You have to practically buy everything.
  • Avatar does not appear it users want it to be.
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‎Mein Diät-Coach: Abnehmen
‎Mein Diät-Coach: Abnehmen

#03 – Lose It! – Calorie Counter:

Track your daily routine, food habits, exercises and keep yourself up in achieving your health goals. The “Lose It! – Calorie Counter” app offers you the features of tracking. This app is also featured with the extensive food database, i.e. from here; you can get thousands validated restaurants, grocery store and other branded foods.

It is the simple app with straightforward tools, i.e. after you download the app, you need to tell them about your health goal, and according to that, the app will create a health plan which you need to follow.

Get The Key Features Of This App From Here –
  • Track food with a barcode scanner.
  • Calorie Counter.
  • Exercise Tracking.
  • Google Fit Sync.
  • Meal Planner.
  • Track your daily water consumption.
  • No Ads.
Download The App From Google Play Store:
Also Available On App Store:
‎Lose It! - Kalorienzähler
‎Lose It! - Kalorienzähler
Developer: FitNow
Price: Free+

#04 – Lose Weight in 30 Days:

“Lose Weight In 30 Days” has been listed #01 in best of 2017 app, App with best-hidden gem and in the best daily helper app. This App provides different weight loss tips as well as diet plans to lose weight with an easy and safe way. It provides diet plans as well, which is also essential for fast weight loss. Stick to the regular diet plan provided by this App and get the slim and fit body.

You can also switch to this “Lose Weight In 30 Days” for best arms, legs, abdominal and butt exercise. Like other fitness apps, this App also offers you the calorie tracking and health tracking features.

  • Get weight loss and fitness workouts.
  • Low-calorie diet planner.
  • Watch video guidance.
  • Also, get a workout for women.
  • Track your progress and much more.
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#05 – MyPlate Calorie Tracker:

Join the health community with millions of people and complete your health goals. “MyPlate Calorie Tracker” app is the weight loss as well as the calorie tracker app that provides you with different health tips as well as the inspiring photos.

MyPlate Calorie Tracker

Key Features Of This App Are Stated Below –
  • Browse from the 2 million databases.
  • Tracks your daily water intake.
  • Get your progress and weight report on a regular basis.
  • Also get a reminder for your mealtime and lets you maintain your diet.
  • Get all time supports from this app.
  • Get different workout plans and exercise.
  • Calorie Tracker app.
  • Get a special gold membership with this app.
Download The App From Google Play Store:
MyPlate Calorie Tracker
MyPlate Calorie Tracker
Price: Free+
Also Available On App Store:
‎MyPlate Calorie Counter
‎MyPlate Calorie Counter

#06 – Running for Weight Loss:

The first running app on Google Play store designed for weight loss motivation by “Red Rock App”. The app that features in “Washington, AppleInsider and Huffington post”. Get slim with running, walking, jogging and sprints as well. The app that delivers you the practical weight loss tips and plans. The “Running For Weight Loss” app is appropriate for all those who are beginners, intermediate or advanced runners. It provides you with different motivational videos and pictures as well.

Running for Weight Loss

Know More About This “Running For Weight Loss” App From Below –
  • The app focuses on weight loss aim, improving health, getting fit, burning excess calorie and much more.
  • Get Marathon training plan for different levels.
  • The great app for all those who want loss weight through running and want to stay away from the different workouts.
  • Get 4-time diet plan routine.
  • Select your own fitness coach from this app.
  • 1000+ fresh mixes and music which means huge database.
  • The reminder that keeps you tuned for your upcoming fitness workouts.
  • Get updated to the premium version and enjoy many more features.
Download The App From The Google Play Store:
Laufen zum Abnehmen von Verv
Laufen zum Abnehmen von Verv
Developer: Verv Inc
Price: Free+
Also Available On App Store:
‎Laufen zum Abnehmen von Verv
‎Laufen zum Abnehmen von Verv
Developer: Verv Inc.
Price: Free+

#07 – Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal:

Here is the all in one health app and also the world’s most popular app brought to you by the “MyFitnessPal, Inc.”. The app has a perfect database for all health goals like – weight loss, get fit, muscular body, strength exercise and much more. Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal

Go Through The Key Features Of This From Below –
  • App with the biggest food database that is with more than 6 million food.
  • Calorie Tracker.
  • Barcode Scanner through which you can track foods.
  • Tracks daily water you intake.
  • Create and upload your own diet recipe.
  • Connects with the friends through the social media sites and share your progress.
  • Get health tips and news feeds.
Download The App From Google Play Store:
Download From iTunes:
Developer: Under Armour, Inc.
Price: Free+

#08 – DietBet – Weight Loss Games:

Well, if you are looking for the weight loss app that also motivates you in your health goal, then we have brought you the exciting health and motivational app, i.e. “DietBet – Weight Loss Games” offered by “WayBetter, Inc.“. This is the health app and game as well from where you can earn while giving success to your health goal. Bet on your health goal with another group of players, complete your chance and make money. The app offers two different game type, i.e. Kickstarter and Transformer.

After you complete your bet, the app verifies your weight with photos, algorithmic auditing and other references. Download the app on your smartphone; earn while fulfilling your health loss goals.

The App Featured in The Huffington Post, ABC News, CBS News, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Mercury News, Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal & The New York Times.

DietBet - Weight Loss Games

Key Features:
  • You can send inspiring and motivating messages and also get some messages.
  • Read from here inspiring and motivating tips, get photos and much more.
  • Post your update here.
  • Check your points and can also cash out in few taps.
  • Join gam.
Download This From Google Play:
DietBet: Lose Weight & Win!
DietBet: Lose Weight & Win!
Available On App Store:
‎DietBet: Lose Weight & Win!
‎DietBet: Lose Weight & Win!

The Final Takeaway:

Finding a great app on play store to lose weight isn’t that hard cause there are plenty of useful Weight Loss Motivation Apps out there. But the real challenge would be to stay motivated and focus on working hard every day and maintaining the diet you are being suggested.

These apps have all the great features like trackers to monitor your weight, exercise habits and calories intake that you can stay up-to-date with the progress. Apart from that, they also guide on grocery shopping or eating out best practice and assist you in making healthy choices as well.

Having these Weight Loss Motivation Apps installed in your devices will always help you to stay focused and never lose track of your endeavour.