Top 7 Scientific Calculator Apps for Android & iOS


Top 7 Scientific Calculator Apps for Android & iOS: A calculator is a small electronic device along with a keyboard and visual display which is used for computing arithmetic operations on numbers. The easiest calculator can do addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. But this is not the end; as time flies the technology got advanced, and we got more advanced calculator in the form of a scientific calculator. For our comfort, smart and talented programmers have developed this device for diverse purposes. These advanced calculators can handle roots, calculus, logarithm, trigonometric functions, statistical formulas, exponential operations and much more.

Earlier we used to carry a scientific calculator with us because this is an essential element for all college students. But nowadays, smartphones are easily available and all the college students carry smartphones, so they don’t require any additional calculator. You can effortlessly get a scientific calculator app on your phone which would decrease the liability to carry an additional gadget with you.

There are more than thousands of scientific calculator apps accessible for android and iOS customers on Playstore and iTunes separately. Most of the students got confused about which calculator app would be suitable for them. Therefore, to solve their problem we have filtered top 7 Scientific Calculator apps for both the Android and iOS users and have listed them below for your reference:

Top 7 Scientific Calculator Apps for Android and iOS:

Graphing Calculator an easy Scientific Calculator:

Graphing Calculator is a capable and adaptable scientific calculator app for Android and iOS users. It is perfect for engineering and complex mathematical calculations. It permits you to illuminate diverse arithmetic functions and exponential on your smartphone at no cost. You will also be able to get square root, cube root, nth root, normal log, log base 10 and many other absolutely free of cost. Besides, you will also get different graphs for different mathematical functions.

Graphing Calculator an easy Scientific Calculator:

This application will be valuable for students of institutes, colleges and high schools. MathLab has planned the application so that you can physically enter the vital expressions and the application will give you the result promptly. The best part of this application is, it solves the complex problem step by step. Therefore, when you enter the problem it will show you the steps of how to solve it. In other words, you will be able to learn how to solve that and the similar problems, apart from getting just the answer.

Pros Cons
  • Great app to solve the problem from school to university level.
  • This app has both the graph and the scientific calculator.
  • It is perfect for physics homework.
  • It has an automated table function option. You just need to put the value of the “X” and the value of how much “X” increases for each row.
  • If you forget any formula it would help you remember it.
  • It is a very useful app to convert any unit.
  • Sometimes, it does not give an accurate result for complicated mathematics and statistical problem.
  • After using the free version once you opt for the pro version you need to uninstall the older calculator and install the pro version again. Otherwise, it would not work properly.
  • It does not help with the exponents which are fractions.
  • After a certain number, when you add a new equation it would automatically delete old equations from the top of the list.
  • Sometimes, it may collapse if you enter a very complicated problem to plot the graph.
Grafikrechner + Math
Grafikrechner + Math
Developer: Mathlab Apps, LLC
Price: Free
‎EduCalc Classic
‎EduCalc Classic
Developer: William Jockusch
Price: Free+

Panecal Scientific Calculator Apps for Android and iOS:

Panecal is one of the finest and free Scientific Calculator Apps for Android and iOS users which is utilized for technical work. It is a valuable application for engineers and science students so that you can effectively utilize this app in numerous engineering measurements and calculation purposes.

Panecal Scientific Calculator Apps for Android and iOS:

It has an inbuilt copy paste option. Panecal Scientific Calculator app can display and correct the mathematical formula. Therefore, you can utilize this app to check the formulas, which empowers you to avoid input mistakes and calculation errors. You will also be able to calculate inverse trigonometric functions, binary numbers, power root functions and others.

Pros Cons
  • Versatile and reasonably logical.
  • Awesome layout.
  • It is very fast and it has an accurate response while you are touching the keys.
  • Perfect application for engineers and students.
  • Inbuilt copy paste option.
  • Easily solve arithmetic operations, inverse trigonometric functions, logarithm function, power function, power root function, factorials, absolute values and percent calculations.
  • Can select from a history of formulas used in past and edit them to recalculate.
  • Sometimes this calculator may crash while finding out the square root.
  • It does not have all the scientific symbols.
  • You may get frustrated with the number of times it asks for a rating and suddenly popped up full-screen advertisements.
  • Sometimes your calculations may get lost while your mobile screen gets locked.
  • You may face some problems while updating this app.
Panecal Scientific Calculator
Panecal Scientific Calculator
Developer: Appsys
Price: Free

ClevCalc Calculator: An useful Scientific Calculator Apps

ClevCalc is a clean confederate Scientific Calculator Apps which supports the four essential math operations which is addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. You can effortlessly utilize the app as per your convenience. If you are a common person and have not used the scientific calculator for ages then it is the best application for you.

ClevCalc Calculator: An useful Scientific Calculator Apps

ClevCalc is a slightly better application than the built-in calculator. It supports a few sorts of calculators, for example;


  • General Calculator: Available Capabilities:
  1. Supports four fundamental arithmetic operations, square, formula parenthesis and simple scientific operations such as trigonometric and logarithm functions.
  2. Quick and easy.
  3. Possible to edit formula during input.
  4. History is available.
  • Unit Converter: Can do all unit conversions commonly used in everyday’s life. Like length, weight, width, volume, time, temperature, pressure, speed, fuel efficiency and the amount of data.
  • Currency Converter: You can convert into 134 world currencies, such as; dollar, euro, yen, yuan etc. Automatically, this calculator will calculate using the real-time exchange rate.
  • Discount Calculator: You can get the discounted price easily by putting the original price and discount rate.
  • World Time Converter: Can calculate the time of 400 or more cities around the world. Daylight savings time will also be included with that calculation.
  • GPA Calculator: Supports GPA calculation.
  • Ovulation Calculator: Calculates the time of ovulation and fertility using the menstrual cycle. You can also note down the dates.
  • Date Calculator: It calculates the specific date or anniversary to be remembered.
  • Unit Price Calculator: You can get the price by entering the price and the quantity. You can also compare unit prices of different goods.
  • Health Calculator: You can measure BMI and BMR by this calculator.
  • Car Fuel Cost Calculator: You can calculate the fuel costs required for driving a car or traveling by entering a distance and fuel efficiency.
  • VAT/GST Calculator: Calculate the total price by entering the original price and tax rate.
  • Loan Calculator: Can easily calculate the total interest and total payment by entering the loan principal and interest rate.
  • Savings Calculator: If you enter deposit amount, interest rate and time period; interest after tax and final savings balance will be calculated.
  • Tip Calculator: If you enter the bill amount and tip percentage it would automatically calculate the tip amount. There is also a function not to calculate tips on tax. You can then calculate the amount per person by dividing the amount with the number of people.
Pros] Cons
  • Big digits and symbols, good visuals, variety of selections to choose.
  • Brilliant, simple design and helpful application.
  • It has so many applications. Such as; Date Calculator, Unit Conversion, VAT/GST Calculator, Health Calculator, Car Fuel Cost Calculator, Savings Calculator etc.
  • There is no scope for adding your favorite currency conversion on the list. You have to scroll down every time.
  • The premium version is a bit costly.
  • You may face advertisement problem in the middle of the calculation.
ClevCalc - Rechner
ClevCalc - Rechner
Developer: Cleveni Inc.
Price: Free+
‎ClevCalc - Rechner
‎ClevCalc - Rechner
Developer: Cleveni Inc.
Price: Free+

All in One Calculator: diversified Scientific Calculator Apps

When considering to list the most useful Scientific Calculator Apps, all in one calculator is an automatic choice due to its diversified features. All in One calculator is a complete calculator app for both the Android and iOS users with all the mathematical operations. It has a wonderful option to see previous calculation history. App contains 75 calculators and unit converters with more than 40 distinctive themes. It also has an option for the currency converter where you can convert 160 types of currency offline.

All in One Calculator: diversified Scientific Calculator Apps


  • General Features:
  1. Available on all iPad, iPhone, Android devices.
  2. Multitasking and full support for drag and drop.
  3. Classic and Dark color themes.
  4. Quick guide for easy use.
  5. Toolbar for easy access to many features.
  6. Voiceover is available.
  7. Home screen icon for quick action (3d touch).
  8. Delete button for easy editing. Undo and Redo option available.
  9. Adjustable precision for decimal results.
  • Calculator View: 
  1. Views for Standard, RPN and programmer.
  2. Statistics functions available (average, standard deviation and more).
  3. Common memory functions. View contents in memory.
  4. Simple layout in portrait and more advance layout in the landscape.
  5. All calculator functions available in portrait (do not need to rotate the device).
  6. Can change the location of number pad for better accessibility.
  • Unit Converter:
  1. Convert among the 481 units in 36 measurements; including currency.
  2. Share results with others or paste back into the calculator for further use.
  3. Hide units seldom used.
  • History:
  1. History feature allows to see and use previous calculations.
  • Programmer:
  1. Support for hexadecimal, octal and binary number systems.
  2. Manipulate individual bits.
  • Fractions:
  1. Fractions can be converted to different forms; including decimal.
  2. Fraction keys can be changed to other keys in portrait mode.
  3. Works with decimal numbers and fractions.
Pros] Cons
  • It is a complete calculator app. This app contains 75 calculators and unit converters with more than 40 distinctive themes.
  • It also supports 160 types of currency conversion offline.
  • This app has a history feature which allows seeing the previous calculation.
  • It supports hexadecimal, octal and binary number systems.
  • Fractions can be converted to different forms; including decimal.
  • It does not have RPN.
  • The draftsman scale calculator is not available.
  • You may not get accurate answers for some features such as; body fat calculator, proper fraction etc.
  • It cannot calculate the loan amount backward; that is by entering someone’s monthly payment, the interest rate and the number of months you cannot calculate the maximum loan amount he can afford.
Alles-In-Einem Taschenrechner
Alles-In-Einem Taschenrechner
Developer: MINDBOX
Price: Free+
‎All in One Calculator
‎All in One Calculator
Developer: Ramon Rivas
Price: Free

Fraction Calculator:

Conventional calculators cannot calculate the fraction numbers. Therefore, you may face a problem when your equation includes fraction numbers and the answer needs to be a fraction number only.

In school and colleges, we solved many problems with fraction numbers where we did not know the answer. We had to solve that on our own and find out whether that is the right answer or not. In these cases, the Fraction calculator would be the best option for you. If the problem includes a fraction number then you can check the answer by using this calculator.

You just need to enter the fraction numbers in it and it would calculate it promptly. The same result would be shown in decimal also for your convenience.

It has been designed as free of cost for Android and iOS users. But if you want to save yourself from numerous advertising then you need to pay a bit of money. You can try this app once.


  • You can check your child’s homework quickly.
  • Can easily convert a recipe into a different portion or serving sizes.
  • Make a craft and home improvement projects simpler.
  • Keep track of calculations with the history function.
  • It will show you the answer in decimal form also for your convenience.
  • Crisp, clear and elegant type makes it easy to read from a certain distance.
  • Triple keypad display makes the work faster than ever.
  • Fractions get reduced automatically into their simplest forms.
  • It supports mixed numbers, improper fractions and proper fractions.
Pros] Cons
  • Excellent fraction calculator. It is ideal for figuring fractions and it will automatically give you the answer in both fraction and decimal form.
  • This app is easy to use, it will simplify the fractions for you and you can see the whole equation if you tap on one button.
  • It gives an accurate answer.
  • You cannot convert decimal to fraction or vice versa.
Bruchrechner Plus Gratis
Bruchrechner Plus Gratis
‎Bruchrechner Plus #1
‎Bruchrechner Plus #1
Developer: DigitAlchemy LLC
Price: Free+

Photomath Calculator:

Sometimes we come across such typical mathematical problems where we start thinking whether that is from Ancient Egypt or what. After all, such amounts, symbols, signs are next to impossible to transfer even with the help of the keypad of your device.

Here comes the Photomath Calculator app- a unique application that permits you to essentially scan the math problem and transfer it to your smartphone. Utilizing the camera of your phone (Ideally your camera needs a resolution higher than 2 megapixels), you need to scan the problem printed somewhere or written by hand and make small corrections which are already there in the mathematical calculator if there is any.

This application supports various lists of regularly used sections in mathematics- such as; arithmetic, fractions, trigonometry, matrices, factorials, permutation combination etc. If these sections are commonplace for you and their names are not seen as the spells from Harry Potter then you could understand how valuable this application is.

The main point of this application is the step by step solution of every problem with a detailed clarification of each step. It would not give you the answer only, like ordinary calculators. For example, if you need to build a series of Fourier, then the answer of only “N” would not satisfy you and your teacher.

Photomath is continuously being developed by a group of developers along with language specialists so that the application expands its usefulness and can be downloaded on iOS and Android in more than 30 languages.

Pros] Cons
  • It is a wonderful app. It helps to solve any critical mathematics step by step.
  • The main feature of this app is you do not need to enter any problem here. You just need to scan the problem and it would automatically transfer to your smartphone.
  • No internet or data required.
  • You may get a message to pay for the app after updating this. Then you need to contact at [email protected] for a solution.
  • Sometimes the scanner may take more time than expected.
  • This app was free but to get more feature like Al tutorials, contextual hints, word problem solutions you need to pay the fee in Photomath Plus.
Developer: Photomath, Inc.
Price: Free+
Developer: Photomath, Inc.
Price: Free+

Desmos Graphing Calculator:

Desmos is known for its scientific improvements, particularly in programming. A group of developers has developed 3 mathematical and scientific calculators that are planned to assist students and anybody curious about mathematics in their studies. The main objective was to form life simpler for ordinary people and as well as to speed up the calculations.

Desmos Graphing Calculator

The primary application from Desmos is Desmos Graphing Calculator. This application is completely free on Android and iOS. This may be the perfect reason to consider this application for students with a constrained or small budget or for the people who do not believe in investing money for a smartphone app.

For graphics calculators, Desmos utilize a spectacularly effective and quick mathematical engine. This permits you to construct the foremost complex graphs and conducts tremendous calculations in a minute. Now, you do not need to hold up for the smallest result also.

This application permits you to construct charts in the polar, Cartesian or even parametric coordinate systems. The graph field is not restricted, therefore you can find out the value of the function at any point.

You will also be able to create the table with the function values. all you have to do is just need to select the values of the function and the smart application will automatically select the values of the other parameters for you.

You can effortlessly discover the focuses of the minimum, maximum, intersection or inflection – all this will be clearly shown for you by this app. With the zoom function, you can study in detail the behavior of the graph in a certain portion of the field.

If you still face problem regarding solving equations and inequalities, Desmos would become your help in any kind of difficult graphs and solve it. The main advantage is, all these you would get in your smartphone.

Pros] Cons
  • It is increadiblely good in Statistical  calculation.
  • Simple, easy to use, makes complex graphs easy.
  • It is a must installed software for an engineer or a math lover.
  • No internet access required.
  • Sometimes you may face problem while putting a value on the table.
  • There is no option to scale the graph individually in “x” and “y” directions.
  • You may face a problem in signing in.
  • It does not understand imaginary numbers so it deals with negative numbers oddly (-1)^2 apparently equals -1, solutions to quadratic exponents are missing.
  • Editing function is not so fast and the app has a bug where the menu and other buttons may randomly disappear.
Desmos Graphing Calculator
Desmos Graphing Calculator
Developer: Desmos Inc
Price: Free
‎Desmos Graphing Calculator
‎Desmos Graphing Calculator
Developer: Desmos
Price: Free

Tying it All Together to find the most useful Scientific Calculator Apps:

The study in old times was not an easy matter and sometimes we needed to commit all our times in calculations only. Not all individual persons are capable of doing math which is why the calculator is very much needed. Not only for students but also for engineers, accountants, scientists, nutritionists, even ordinary people use a calculator one way or another.