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According to science and studies, we should spend third of our life sleeping. But since technological invention, busy schedule, hectic daily routine, stress, work pressure, social life, insomnia, medical condition etc. it’s really quite critical to come by a good night sleep these days. To be on track to reach our fitness goal and stay healthy we should manage to get sufficient amount of sleep every night.

Sometimes it’s really quite difficult to call it a day keeping in mind “life stuff”. If you have tried things like reading in bed, taking a warm bath before you crash, listening to soft music and even given up having caffeine during dying hours of the day but still facing problem sorting out your sleep patterns, then technology (read apps) may help you out in this adverse situation. We’ve hand picked some of the best sleep tracker apps /sleep apps for your iOS and Android device which will keep track of your sleep, help you to burst your stress and relax, notify you when you’ve been restless and most importantly, will help you to build a healthier habit to eventually develop good night sleep pattern.

Here are 10 best Sleep Tracker apps for iOS and Android

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#1 Sleep Cycle alarm clock

Price: Free/IAP $.99-$29.9 or /$29.99/Year


This worlds most used intelligent alarm clock Health & Fitness app has been featured in Wired, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, The Guardian, BBC, The New York Times and many more leading news networks for its fantastic performance. This scientifically developed Sleep tracker app is designed to wake you up in your lightest sleep phase which ensures optimal rest for your body. It uses the accelerometer in your iPhone to monitor your movement which enables it to figure out which sleep phase you are in and rings the alarm to wake you right when you are in the lightest phase.

Sleep Cycle alarm clock app is more on the expensive side and could be easily qualified as one of the most expensive apps in this sleep tracker app category. This app has IAP ranging from IAP $.99-$29.9 or /$29.99/Year as Premium subscription. Though the free version has a fair set of features.

Some of the features of Sleep Cycle alarm clock:

  • Capable of waking you up at the lightest phase of sleep hours.
  • Sleep Graphs and Detailed sleep statistics could be found in the app interface.
  • Customizable music could be added as a wake up sound.
  • 15 high quality, alarm melodies which have been selected carefully.
  • Can be snoozed by users just by slight shaking or tapping.
  • Wake up window could be customizable up to 90 minutes window rather than pinpointing a specific time.
  • Sleep notes could be added- You can track how sleep quality get affected by events like late hours drinking coffee, eating too much or having a stressful day.
  • Track your sleep pattern and sleep quality by checking long-term sleep graph.
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#2 Sleep Better – Sleep Tracker

Price: Free / $1.99 IAP

With over 5m downloads on Playstore, this app has already made its mark on health & fitness category as one of the most preferred apps among users. ‘Runtastic‘ the app developer has created this app with a vast range of free and premium features catering almost all sleep tracking needs. This app is pretty awesome in tracking sleep cycle, monitoring dreams, improving bedtime habits and waking up with gentle smart alarm clock sounds. Apart from that, One can easily integrate this app with Apple Health to upload sleep data conveniently.

Sleep Better – Sleep Tracker app features:

  • Place your smartphone next to your pillow on the bed and it will start working with a small tap.
  • One can easily monitor sleep cycle, sleep wave measurement both deep and light sleeping time.
  • Sleep timer feature is quite efficient in tracking sleep time in bed and the time you stay awake.
  • One can get all the data on how alcohol consumption, stress level and caffeine consumption effect sleep structure and quality.
  • Moon phases effect on sleep cycle and sleep duration.
  • Smart alarm to wake up on right phase of your sleep.
  • It has dream diary feature which stores your good, bad or neutral dreams data.
  • Works on tables. Gets stored in your account so if you change your iPhone or Android device still you will not lose any previous data.
  • Fully Compatible with iPad

Added Features with Premium Version:

  • Personalized Smart Alarm features wake you up at the ideal time.
  • A vast array of snooze functionality & smart alarm sounds.
  • Daily stats of sleep history which could be selected for longer time frame such as week or month.
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Sleep Better: Schlaf Analyse
Sleep Better: Schlaf Analyse
Developer: runtastic
Price: Free+

#3 Alarm Clock Xtreme + Free Sleep Tracker and Timer

Price: Free / Up to $4.99 IAPAlarm Clock Xtreme android apps den

This app basically started as Alarm Clock which has a great feature of overruling accidental disabling option, now it has smart sleep tracker as well. This more than simple alarm clock app build by AVG Labs is practically made to help people wake up in time with varieties of alarms (including personal favourite music) to avoid excessive snoozing. There are a bunch of customizable built-in timer, stopwatch and other smart option available in this app to help you with better sleep.

Some of the sound features of Alarm Clock Xtreme App:

  • Built-in sleep cycle tracking.
  • Smart sleep monitor with customizable features.
  • One of the great features which I personally like is the morning alarm volume gets slowly increased to wake you up gently.
  • Extra-large snooze button drastically reduces the chances of accidental “dismiss” option.
  • Another cool feature of this app is it forces you to solve math problems to dismiss the alarm and by the time you are done with solving a math problem you are wide awake.
  • Sleep tracker feature tracks the sleep time, sleeps quality, sleep behaviour and trends.

User Feedback:

With over 10m download and about 1m review, this app has got 4.1 stars in Play store. Though, since the last update, this app seems to face some loading issues along with FULL SCREEN ADS blocking when a user tries to set the alarm. Another problem which could be mentioned here is, users manually need to set the alarm every night.

Download this app from Google Play Store:

#4 – Google Fit – Fitness Tracking:

Price: Free

Google Fit - Fitness Tracking Screen shot

Like every other occasion, Google has one app for sleeping tracking as well. Actually, Google Fit Fitness tracking app is a complete package and quite capable of serving almost all fitness related things by measuring all kind of activities such as steps, walk, run, cycle, calories, and even your sleeping time. Easy integration with Android Wear, Runkeeper, Strava, MyFitnessPal, Nike+, Lifesum,  Sleep as Android, Withings etc. which will provide instant insights of every physical insight. If used correctly this app could work as one of the best sleep trackers. Soon, we will post a separate tutorial article on how to use Google Fit- Fitness Tracking app most efficiently.

Key features of Google Fit – Fitness Tracking App

  • Along with sleep track every other physical activity to figure out how much they are influencing your sleeping quality.
  • Real time insights of every physical activity.
  • You can set goals and get personalized recommendations based on them.
  • Measure wellness, track fitness, nutrition, sleep, and weight by integrating several types of fitness trackers.

Google Fit User Feedback:

This app is downloaded over 1m from Google play store and got about 4 stars in rating. The app got mixed reviews from users. According to users, this app gives different data across different devices. The latest update also causing data to set back zero after reaching goals.

Download Google Fit from Play Store:

#5 – Sleep as Android:

Price: Free / Up to $3.99 IAP

This Smart alarm clock with sleep cycle tracking app is available only in Play Store as of now. When it comes to tracking sleep, this app has been around quite a long time now and covered quite a mile to serve the purpose at its best. Unique Smart bulb control with Philips HUE will let you customize the setting at your own will. Easy integration of Android Wear or Galaxy Gear smartwatch and even with Samsung health and Google fit.
Starting from the deep sleep, snoring statistics, Sleep deficit to forcibly solving math problems to stop alarm this app has got plenty of great features to help you develop a great sleep pattern. The free version is only available for 2 weeks trial period and you have to opt for the premium version to continue using the app.

Key features of Sleep as Android App –

  • There are options to integrate Android Wear, Pebble or Galaxy Gear Smart Watch Tracking.
  • Easy prevention of Jet lag.
  • Samsung Health, Google Fit could be integrated easily.
  • All sleeping statistic including snoring, Deep sleeping and sleep deficit.
  • You can share your sleep statistic on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Different nature sound lullabies like whales, storm, sea, chants will help you to fall asleep quickly.
  • Some cool features like Sleep talk recording anti-snoring mode could be utilized.
Download this Sleep as Android from:

# 6 – Sleep Time: Sleep Cycle Smart Alarm Clock Tracker:

Sleep Time by Azumio is one of the most popular next generation sleep cycle alarm clock or sleep tracker apps that uses advanced algorithm system which determines the lightest phase of sleep and rings the alarm at the most appropriate moment to wake you up. Setting alarm with single gesture, Advanced inbuilt wake-up optimization algorithm and sleep cycle analysis features really set this app apart from its peers. You can even check past sleep graph to analysis your sleep pattern. This app also integrates with Apple’s Health app. There are a bunch of cool features available with the premium version such as Sleep efficiency, sleep hours percentage/ average bedtime etc.

Sleep Time: Sleep Cycle Smart Alarm Clock Tracker
Get this app from Play Store & App Store:
‎Sleep Time: Schlaf Zyklus
‎Sleep Time: Schlaf Zyklus
Developer: Azumio Inc.
Price: Free+

#7 – Pillow: Smart sleep tracking

When it comes to considering Sleep Tracker Apps we really can not afford to make a list without “Pillow: smart sleep tracking”. This advanced sleep tracking alarm clock app is only available for iOS which is quite capable of tracking your sleep quality. This New York Times, The Washington Post featured app can be integrated with Apple Watch. Using the phone or Apple Watch sensors it records sleep patterns and breaks them down to as to different sleep stages such as deep sleep, REM, the heartbeat before feeding into the database. Without calibration, one can avail detailed sleep stage diagram and sleep session statistics. It also provides the option to add your personal notes to every sleep session that you can explore even after Weeks, Months, Years later.

There are plenty of other features could be unlocked in a premium version with a $4.99 in-app purchase such as detailed tracking of sleep statistics over time, power nap mode for short period sleep time.

Download this cool Sleep Tracker app from App Store:

#8 – SleepBot – Sleep Cycle Alarm:

This app really caught my attention when I first found it on Play Store with there catch line “Find out what’s really happening in that missing third of your life“. Though this app is not one of those popular Sleep Tracker Apps, but it is quite efficient at what it dose. With Smart Cycle Alarm, Trend Graphs, Sound Recorder, Sleep Debt Log, Data Analysis, Movement Tracker, Sleep Help, Auto-Wifi/Silence/Airplane modes, Sync this app could be your automatic choice as a preferred Sleep Tracker app. Easily customizable smart alarm system wakes you up at the right sleeping phase by using motion tracking and sound recording option. It also has one of the most comprehensive sleep analysis features such as detailed motion/sound graphs, movement and sound correlations Direct comparison, detailed Trend graph of length sleep/wake times etc.

What else one can ask from a Free to use app?. Yeah, there is no in-app-purchase but there would be ads.

SleepBot - Sleep Cycle Alarm

Try this Free Sleep Tracker app:
SleepBot - Schlafphasen-Wecker
SleepBot - Schlafphasen-Wecker
Developer: SleepBot
Price: Free

Do You Use any Sleep Tracking App?

As you all know I am an App freak. I just try new apps and wasn’t quite sure about sleep tracking apps but after using, I really can’t afford to live without them. Which Sleep Tracking app do you use? Did you find your app on the list or do you use anything else? Do share your Sleep Tracking app experience in the comment section.

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Happy Sleeping~!~