Purchase Order Apps | 3+ Most Useful PO & Invoice Makes Apps For Small Business Billing Solution


Purchase Order Apps | 3+ Most Useful PO & Invoice Makes Apps For Small Business Billing Solution: Purchase order or PO is one of the very common commercial documents which is issued by the buyer to their seller in order to give them the intimation of the kind of goods/product/service along with the order quantity, specifications and the price to carry out first official order. This document is basically used for maintaining a systematic enterprise resource planning where a purchase order is issued to the external sellers. Purchase order carries a special significance and becomes a valid contract between the buyer and seller when the offer is accepted by the seller. In other words, upon accepting the purchase order, the seller gives his consent to supply products/goods or service which is requested in the purchase order. Then the supplier sends the requested product or service to the buyer along with a set of invoices which is usually payable in 30-60 days or any specific time depending on the agreement between both the parties.

Carrying out a purchase order over the telephone or verbal communication may lead to inaccuracies or miscommunication. So it is always a good practice to issue a purchase order in a written format which in one side carries out perfect specific requirements, that eliminates miscommunication and wrong delivery issue as well as a small business, can keep proper track of their spending on the purchase. So if you use a correct purchase order format template which is populated with every important details and field you can ensure the systematic enterprise purchase resource planning.

3+ Most efficient Purchase Order Apps

The general practice is using a computer to create a purchase order, But it could be troublesome if you need to issue PO frequently. Having a readymade template with your business personalized customized bill can save a lot of time energy and this is where smartphones can be really handy with some great Purchase Orders Apps. Here we have compiled some of the industry best and most useful 4+ Purchase Order App which could be used to create new purchase orders or edit old prior made template to vendor invoices quickly and effortlessly.

#1 Inventory, Purchase, Sales Order

This multipurpose Productivity app has all the required features for stock-taking, inventory management and issuing purchase and sales order is a most convenient way. If your business required to issue Purchase and Sales order frequently this app could be a lifesaver because it keeps live track of business inventory and you always know exactly how much inventory you have that you can keep the right inventory balance. This app is also helpful to manage income and expense by providing an extensive report of inflow and outflow of cash and credits.

Here are some of the key sound features of Inventory, Purchase, Sales Order App:-

  • Create and issue Purchase and Sales Order just by inputting figures like quantity, price and specific product detail.
  • Provides low inventory alert (the benchmark could be set) through In-app notification or registered Email.
  • Record and maintain inventory and print out extensive inventory details whenever needed.
  • One of the key features of this app is you can create and send purchase order copy by email or SMS instantly to the suppliers.
  • For accounting or bookkeeping, you can Import or Export inventory data at any given point of time.
  • Auto backup could be enabled daily/weekly/monthly basis.
  • Inventory, Purchase and Sales Valuation is auto-generated.

#2 Purchase Order PO PDF Maker

Purchase order App

This is one of the finest apps out there in Play store in order to create PO Quotes Requisition Invoice Estimates & Purchase Order or PO PDF Maker. In addition with Purchase Order form, you can also create Sales order Invoice Requisition and all other major commercial documents. These premade documents forms have all important dynamic fields such as description section, price segment for an individual product, product type, quantity along with the specification and final agreed prices. The added characteristic of this appealing app is, it offers non-English service along with Unicode characters. Check out some of the useful features of Purchase Order PO PDF Maker app:

  • There are all significant fields of any standard PO order form is already premade. Purchase order date, Purchase Order no, Vendor Shipping Invoice, Quote Reference Details, Product details and item info along with special requirements (if any), senders content details, alternative Purchase order format template, suppliers details, currency (all major currency), sales tax info, item details along with price, quantity and individual product price
  • Subtotal amount before and after tax
  • Modification section where different tax is applicable
  • Easily insert any specific field if you require to add
  • If you want to add any special instructions that you can do using footnote section
  • PO sample letter form

Once you are done, you can save the generated Purchase Order template in your Smart Phone, send a copy to your supplier through email.

#3 Invoice Maker & Billing App

This wholesome one-stop solution app is efficient to serve all your needs for invoice and billing related business activities. In addition to purchasing order, you can perform a whole host of other activities like creating PDF estimates, quotes for product supply, receipts, making proforma invoices etc. There are some cool features this app will offer which is hard to match:
  • More than 100 ready-made templates which have been designed by professional will be there at your fingertips. App creator also assures that they will keep adding new templates every month.
  • You can customize your branding by adding a logo to those documents and omit the watermark.
  • All the listed templates have multiple color option. Chose any according to your product type or brand.
  • One of the cool benefits this app provides that you can create and save your invoice template. So that when you use next time, you won’t have to create from start. Just copy and paste and a color document will be created. Edit the details and make the necessary modification and you are good to issue your next invoice.
  • This app also creates an automatic data backup and you will be given unlimited storage facility cloud account.
  • You can send your created invoice through email

A small business owner can use this app to make billing up to $1000 per month totally free. Business who need more than the aforesaid limit can avail the unlimited plan @ $6.99 USD (or local equivalent) a month.

The interface is user-friendly, even if you are new or not very much efficient on making invoices or purchase order yourself, you should not face any difficulties using this app.

Invoice Maker & Billing App
Invoice Maker & Billing App
Developer: Invoice Home
Price: Free+

There are some other purchase order apps available in the market as well which are useful to some extent. Do you use any other app to create purchase or sales order? Let us know about your experience using them.