Best Project Planner Apps 2020 | Top 5 Project Planner Apps for Smartphone


Project Planner Apps 2020 | Top 5 Project Planner Apps for Smartphone:

Project planning is an integral part of systematic project management.

Every year new project planner apps get launched. Among them, some apps can meet up our expectations where others can not. Project planner apps always got the desired limelight either for their cheaper cost or for their new features which are being introduced by the app developers.

These apps assist you in organizing the project plan smoothly and assign the tasks to every individual employee. You can also track the working progress through these apps. To deliver the project within a stipulated time, it is very essential to make the plan properly. Otherwise, it may get failed.

Most of the apps are available on both android, iOS, and web. Therefore, you can operate these apps from anywhere. It would give you more flexibility for the work. You need to check the price, your team size, the features, platform support, etc. before going for any particular project planner app.

In this article, we have mentioned the top 5 project planner apps which are expected to do well in 2020. We have also explained the importance of the project planner apps, tips on how to choose the appropriate app, and the disadvantages of using the app.

 Top 5 Project Planner Apps for Smartphone

  • Project Planning: Its Definition

Before writing about the project planning apps we think you should know what is project planning so that you can choose your suitable app wisely.

Maybe you are thinking that making a list of tasks and deadlines to complete those tasks is the project plan. Let us clarify first, that is part of a project plan but not the whole project planning.

Project planning refers to every detailing work you are developing in order to complete the project successfully. It includes the making of the steps where the project objectives will be mentioned, the process what you need to do to complete those objectives, the list of task which you need to do in order to complete each objective and many more.

As every project will be different, therefore the project planning will also be different according to that. The basic idea of planning a project is you need to jot down how you are going to complete a project step by step and then organize those in a systematic structure to make it happen peacefully.

Here structure refers to the processes you need to follow to deliver the project on time. Such as; The budget, how you are going to deliver the project when the time comes, the quality parameters, and many more.

The final step of planning any project is the project plan documents where you will write down the process like what are the steps you are going to follow and how you are going to complete those.

  • Importance of Project Planner Apps:

Nowadays, many big brand companies are working on various projects. They have a large team with team leaders who are constantly working in successfully delivering the project on the promised time. When many people get involved in a particular project to complete that or monitor that, there is a high chance that some chaos may take place instead of completing the project successfully.

As a solution to this problem, you can take help from Project Planning apps which would help you to plan your project and deliver that successfully within the stipulated time. There are many people who are still not okay with the idea of using any technical tool to complete a task. So, we are giving you the common 5 reasons on why you should use project planning app to submit the project on time. The reasons are as follows:

  1. Task Management: 

In order to complete a particular project, you and your team need to complete a lot of tasks. Therefore, you need to divide all the tasks equally within the team members with a deadline which you need to monitor wisely. But sometimes, it becomes impossible to write down all the tasks and monitor those, especially in an ongoing project as it is time-consuming.

In this scenario, a project planning app would help you to assign the tasks to every individual employee and monitor their progress. You will have the access to check the data and task assign list. Thus, you can monitor the project very easily.

2. Easy share of the calendar, document & contact:

Project planning apps are very useful in terms of document storage and calender & contact sharing. We all know that the most important part of any project is its documents. By using this app, we can create centralized storage for all the documents which would be accessible by all the employee and they can edit those documents also whenever it required.

It would be time-saving as you do not need to send thousands of emails in regard to the documents. It is a very useful feature if you are outsourcing your project. There is no chance to misplace any document which is another best part.

If you are giving access to the calendar, then you can easily mark any date for conducting a meeting or the project deadline and everyone can check from the app. Along with that, you can also share the contact details of all the team members through this app.

3. Time-Saving Planning:

If you manually try to plan a project it would take much time as you need to arrange all the required tasks step by step. But if you use this planning app, then it would automatically arrange all the objective step by step and will indicate all the tasks you need to do in order to complete all the objectives. It will set up all the tasks according to the importance.

As you are getting the plan ready in hand, it would save your time required for planning. Therefore, submit the project on time would be much easier as you already know which tasks are important and need to do on a priority basis.

4. Accurate Tracking:

To complete the project on time, it is very important to track the time of every task. The project planning app would help you to collect the current work status from every employee so that you can easily plan the next step. With the help of this app, any team leader can estimate the time more accurately to complete the project which would help to maintain the goodwill of any company.

5. Smooth Workflow:

Monitoring on every employee whether they are doing their job wisely is a very difficult and time-consuming job. Using the project planner app would help you to monitor the tasks on which your team is working.

Alternatively, if you need to outsource some people for a certain part of the project you can monitor their working progress also. Therefore, by using this app, the detailed information of your whole team will be in your grip to keep the workflow smooth.

  • Tips to follow to choose the appropriate Project Planner Apps:

There are numerous project planner apps available online. Though we have sorted down the top 4 apps for you, it may possible that you get confused with so many choices. Therefore, we are suggesting here some tips on how to choose your appropriate project planner app. These tips are:

  1. Draw your requirements:

First, you need to write down all your requirement in order to search for the project planner app. If you are confused with your requirements then you can ask yourself some simple questions mentioned below:

  • What is the best practice for any project management?
  • Why does your current situation got failed?
  • Which practices are compatible with the project planner app?
  • Do you need any other solution?
  • Whether the app gives the flexibility to work together or not?
  • Whether the app is really worth it?

2. Note down the alternative:

Once you list down your requirements, you need to start searching for the appropriate apps. You need to write down those apps for your future purpose.

3. Test every app:

Every app comes with a trial period. It is advised to try every app at least once to know the pros and cons of that app.

4. Check the cost:

After you choose the appropriate app, please calculate the cost ones. Check the subscription plan very carefully before signing up for a particular app.

5. Implementation:

Once you sign up for a particular app, you need to make a plan on how to implement this in your project. You need to get assured that the app has been implemented correctly within your project planning.

Among the numerous available project planner apps, we have sorted down the top 5 apps for your convenience with their respective pros and cons.

#1 Monday.Com: All Rounder of all project planner apps

This app can handle any type of workflow from easy to not so easy. If you are looking for an allrounder app that would handle both organizing the project, planning the project, and tracking the workflow, then it is the ideal one. 

Price Range: It has a free trial version option. You will get the basic plan from $39 monthly, a pro plan from $79 monthly, a standard plan from $49 monthly for the 5 users.

Features: It has several features. Those features are:

Success Manager:

Track working progress and time accurately.

Can filter the information you want to see.

Can efficiently check the assigned task list.

Accurately gives the latest update.


You can edit any section and can add anything you want.

Can organise the data according to your preference.


Contact the right person automatically.

Quick set up and can adapt anything.

Will show you how your work looks like in the big picture.

Keep everyone in the loop with the real-time update.


Pros Cons

  • Best organization tool with accurate information
  • Can track high-level details and work status.
  • Workflow is cleaner and efficient
  • Can keep everyone in the loop with the real-time update.

  • May get server problem sometimes.
  • Cannot change the calendar view.
  • Cost is slightly higher for the small organization.


#2 Nifty Project Management: Separate Chat Section available

This app does an amazing job to manage all the multiple tools in order to complete the whole project cycle. The best part of this app is besides planning your project it would get the updated report automatically by communicating with the team members.

Price Range: It has a 14-day free trial period. After that, you need to pay $10 monthly for the subscription.

Features: The features are:

  1. An overview of the project and its deadline in order to keep everything up to date.
  2. It can track all the tasks and always keep updated.
  3. A project-based discussion channel is there where you can discuss within your team on a project or anything else.
  4. There is another facility to direct chat for one to one and the client can not access this site.
  5. It would divide a large task into small subdivision so that you can complete the work easily.
  6. You can upload, view and even comment on your uploaded files.
Pros Cons

  • Beautiful and intuitive design.
  • It has an additional feature which is an overdue task list.
  • You can view the project deadline every time so that everything can be up to date.
  • It has separate chat section.

  • Sometimes may get problem in creating a new account.


#3 Asana Project Planner: Useful for Small Scale Business

For any kind of project, whether that is small or big or complex or easy, this app works as an angel. It can organize your tasks on a priority basis so that you can easily understand which you should do first.

Asan would give you update on a real-time basis, therefore the workflow will be smooth.

Price Range: Business plan costs $24.99 monthly, Premium Plan costs $10.99 monthly for every user. You need to send a quote request for an enterprise plan.


  1. Whenever you open the app it would organize your task list.
  2. If you change anything mobile app that would be reflected in web application instantly.
  3. You can view your to-do list in “My Task” section.
  4. This app would allow you to comment on task from anywhere to get the clarification.
  5. You can communicate with your teammates about the project or can ask a question also about that and will get the notification in your inbox from the conversation you are following.
  6. You can include projects, tasks and files for 15 members in Asana at free of cost.
Pros Cons

  • Great app, many features available for free users.
  • Useful for small businesses.
  • Helpful to track multiple ongoing projects.
  • It can include projects, tasks, files for 15 users at free of cost.
  • It is the most flexible project planning apps.

  • May face problem after updating the app.
  • Update needed in filter settings.
  • The mobile app gets hanged.


‎Asana: Ihr Arbeitsorganizer
‎Asana: Ihr Arbeitsorganizer
Asana: Your work manager
Asana: Your work manager
Developer: Asana, Inc.
Price: Free

#4 Trello Project Planner Apps: Compatible for any company

This app is suitable for any company and any team size. Whether it is a business report, big project or task tracking Trello is the perfect one. This app is user-friendly and flexible in nature for organizing any project. It is compatible with chrome, firefox, safari, android, iOS etc.

Price Range: It is absolutely free of cost for the basic plan. The enterprise plan costs $20.83 monthly and Business plan costs $9.99 monthly every user (Up to 100 users)


  1. It would remember every detail of the project.
  2. This app will organize the project with Cards, boards and lists.
  3. The best part is it would always give you a notification about the assigned task, whether that has been completed or not or how much has been done.
  4. Trello will seek your permission to access the contact details, camera, photo library etc.
  5. It would add all the tasks with due dates and the checklists also according to your preference in order to complete the project on time.
  6. Trello can add information in offline also.
Pros Cons

  • Amazing app, user-friendly and flexible.
  • You can organize multiple documents, notes through this app.
  • It is absolutely free of cost for the basic plan.
  • It is compatible with any company, any team.

  • You may face problem regarding sign in to account after updating the app.
  • May get notification problem sometimes.


Developer: Trello, Inc.
Price: Free+

#5 Basecamp Project Planner App:

This app is applied to organize your project peacefully. It is both suitable for android, iOS and on the web. Basecamp is the most trusted app in order to complete the project on time.

Price Range: You can get a personal plan at free of cost (up to 3 projects and 20 users). The business plan costs $99 monthly for unlimited projects.


  1. You can easily implement this app.
  2. Keep everything in one place.
  3. Have suitable features for planning, tracking the progress and many more.
  4. It can help you to find out and download any file in PDF format quickly.
  5. User-friendly. Easier to work and involve in a project and collaborate with this through the app.
Pros Cons

  • Best task management, team-work management and project management app.
  • Easier to find and download any file.
  • It helps to build up the community where maximum people work remotely.
  • User-friendly and get started right away.
  • Have a suitable feature to track the working progress, planning the project and many more.

  • May get a problem using this app on a smartphone.
  • Android version needs a little bit more update.
  • Sometimes chat section may not work properly when you will connect the app through wifi.


‎Basecamp 3
‎Basecamp 3
Developer: Basecamp, LLC
Price: Free
Basecamp 3
Basecamp 3
Developer: Basecamp
Price: Free
  • Disadvantages of Project Planner Apps:

Every technical app has some advantages and disadvantages. We have sorted down those disadvantages for you:

  1. Need to Learn:

You use the project planning app to streamline the steps of a project. But before, utilizing this app in your required purpose you need to learn first how does it work. Actually, these types of apps are quite complex in nature, so there is a leaning manual that you need to follow.

The team leaders need to learn this app minority in order to track the work status. The employees also need to learn the app so that they can navigate properly to get the assigned task which they need to complete. This may actually take some time as everyone does not have the same learning skill.

2. Data Confidentiality:

Multiple users access feature has been available in the latest version of project planner apps. Due to this reason, sharing data has been simpler. Anyone can check the confidential data of a particular project or can monitor the project if you forget to change the setting in the access control section.

3. Cost-Effective:

Most of the planning apps are costly. Therefore, many companies cannot switch to a project planner app though they want to. It has additional maintenance and implementation cost also.

4. Project Management & Execution:

Project management and execution are totally different thing. This app would schedule the task for you and would mention the deadline only. It will not do your assigned work. So, basically your team member needs to complete the work by themselves. People have a tendency to forget the work until they are getting the alert of an incomplete deadline.

Some people do not update their worksheet also. Therefore, you have to monitor the working progress manually though you have bought the app.

  • The Bottom Line:

Here we have mentioned the top project planner apps which are expected to do well in 2020. We have added its pros and cons also with the price range. You can always tally those before signing up for a particular one.

Just from our experience, we would advise you to check Nifty, Asana and Trello apps which may be suitable for you as the is a bit costlier. is not suitable for any small organization due to its higher cost.

Whereas Asana, Trello, Nifty, and Basecamp have a similarly lower cost. All these are suitable for any kind of company and any kind of project. These apps also have their respective cons. You need to check that minority in order to select your suitable app.

If you have tried any other project planner app, please let us know about your experience in the below comment section.