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Here we have come up with another roundup post of educational app series. If you are looking for fun way to improve your math fluency and skill? Then we are pleased to tell you that we have come up with 8 best Math Practice Apps which have the potential to help your kids to adapt Math easily like never before. Please do keep in mind this list does not come with any particular order. Go through the features of the listed app and choose the best which fits your purpose.

8 Best Math Practice Apps to Improve fluency and Math Skill

#01 – Math Workout:

Get the best for “Brain Training” i.e Math Workout app. This app provides you different math training workout and helps to enhance your mental maths. Get connected to the worldwide and play maths game as well to compete with them. Also, enjoy different mini games offered by this app. The “Math Workout” app features in – Amazing Android Apps for Dummies’ – D. Begun, 2011 and Best Android Apps’ B. Sawyer, 2010 which signifies how efficient and popular this app is.

Key Features Offered 
  • 8 Different Superfun Training and also different exciting mini games for children.
  • Fun for all ages of people.
  • Gives you your progress report and chart.
  • Helps to keep your brain sharp.
  • Inspired by Kumon.
  • Can compete with other in World challenges.

The free version comes with in-app ad version which you can get rid off by paying on time charge.

Download The App From The Google Play Store Link Mentioned Below – 
Math Workout
Math Workout
Developer: Brain Training
Price: Free+
Also Available On iTunes:

#02 – Math On Chalkboard:

“Math On Chalkboard” is an animated game app that strengthens your arithmetic skills. Experience the best animation that will give you the feeling of being Studying in a classroom in front of a blackboard. Along with this, this app also facilitates the multiplication as well as the division table. It contains topics for different people of different ages depending on their classes.

Here are the details for group division –

  • For Preschool kids –
    • There are addition and subtraction, comparison and Number Sequence of a number which is up to 10.
  • Then for the 1st Grade –
    • There are Number Sequence, addition/subtraction and comparison of a number which is up to 20
  • Then comes the 2nd Grade –
    • Addition.
    • Subtraction.
    • Multiplication.
    • Division.
    • Table.
    • comparison.
    • Number Sequence (Find out the missing number and complete the sequence).
    • Mixed Expressions and all with 2-digit numbers (Mathematical questions that include, addition, subtraction, multiply, division and etc).
  • After all, then comes the 3rd Grade that contains questions same as above with up to 3-digit numbers.
  • Then, at last, comes the questions for 12+ children and adults –
    • Mixed expression with 2 digit numbers.
    • Mixed expression with 3 digit numbers.
    • Comparision of two digits and three digits.
    • The number sequence.
  • “Math on chalkboard” is one of the best apps that group the difficulty as per the levels and provide you the right questions of your standard.
Characteristic and features of this app –
  • Have a classroom experience with the animations provided by this app.
  • Divided into 5 age category.
  • Difficulty increases with increment in level.
  • The perfect sound effect.
  • Supports different language.
  • Check level on topics.
Download The App For Free From Google Play Store:
Mathematik an der Tafel
Mathematik an der Tafel

#03 – Math Tricks:

This app made its place our list of Best Math Practice apps due to its unique features. Speed up your mathematics calculating with this “Math Tricks” app that delivers the best math learning tricks. The tricks help you out in solving the mathematics questions and apart from that also helps in solving questions in an easier way. After you learn this skills, you can use them in Schools, College, Shop or at work and anywhere you want and can demonstrate your math skills.

Math Tricks

The app delivers to you the maths tips on following topics –

  • Division.
  • Multiplication.
  • Addition.
  • Subtraction.
  • Squaring number ending with 5.
  • Two digit number multiplied by 11.
  • Multiplication by 5, 9, 4.
  • Subtraction from 1000.
  • Division by 5.
  • Tough multiplications in an easier way.
  • Addition and Subtraction from number close to hundreds.
  • Multiplication as well as the square of numbers between 11 – 19.
  • Square numbers from 40 – 59.
  • Squaring numbers from 100 – 109.
  • Finding Percent.

Users are informed that every trick is of 15 levels. You need to complete the training to know the tricks.

Download This App Free From Google Play Store Link Stated Below –
Mathematische Tricks
Mathematische Tricks
Developer: Antoni Ion
Price: Free+

#04 – Mental Math Practice:

Prepare for your math test from this “Mental Math Practice” App. Have fun while you are practicing for your maths test and learn from the experts as well as you get to solve more than 200 flashcards created by the experts. Download this app on your smartphone and get access to the free “Magoosh’s Mental Math” online and there, you can sign in with your “Magoosh account” or you may also create a new account and can also save your progress. This app also offers many other features that are stated below.

Mental Math Practice

Here are the Key Features Of This “Mental Math Practice” App –

  • Get many maths practice decks of different types.
  • Get up to 200 practice flash card created by the experts.
  • Get explanations of different arithmetic calculations, additions, subtraction and also multiplication, division and much more.
  • Trace your progress from this app.
  • Practice percent, decimals, fraction, doubling and halving.
  • Practice 3 digits/digits, 1 digits * 2 digits, 3 digit – 2 digit, 2 digit – 2 digit, 2 digit + 2 digit and 2 digit + 3 digit.
Download This App For Free From Google Play Store Link Stated Below –
Mental Math Practice
Mental Math Practice
Developer: Magoosh
Price: Free
Also Available on App Store:

#05 – Math Master – Brain Quizzes & Math Puzzles:

The “Math Master – Brain Quizzes & Math Puzzles” app delivers a challenging set of maths quizzes and different maths tricks that help to improve mathematics skill. Though there are in-app purchase options still free version offers great features. Get various brain games as well as your brain workout tips. With this app, you can speed up your mathematical, reasoning, general aptitude and other logical puzzles that enhance calculation skills.

“Math Master – Brain Quizzes & Math Puzzles” is the great app for kids of Kindergarten, preschool or elementary school. The app also offers different arithmetic operations as well as math quizzes.

Math Master - Brain Quizzes & Math Puzzles

“Math Master” App Features –
  • Get Mathematics tricks and tips.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Difficulty increases with increase in level. Each book contains 10 chapters.
  • Delivers to you the different math tips and tricks as well as quizzes.
  • Get dedicated tips.
  • Creat profile and sync your game progress.
  • You can check leaderboard to know your standing in the world.
  • Free and for all ages of students.
  • The app offers separate chapters for different mathematics sections i.e addition, subtraction and much more.
Get This App Downloaded From Below Play Store Link –

#06 – Math Master – Math games:

If you are looking for the mathematical games that help you in enhancing your mathematical skills as well as that also provides you to solve a lot of interesting mathematical sums? Then “Math Master – Math Games” app is a game that gives you mathematical questions and puzzle. This app tests your brain and enhances your maths skill. Do the error-free maths with this “Math Master – Math Games” app. The app sharpens intellect, develop your IQ. “Math Master – Math Games” app is for both i.e children and adult.

Math Master - Math games

Key Features –
  • Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, division examples.
  • Mix mode examples of Additions, subtraction, multiplication and divisions.
  • The true False mode also enables for different sums.
  • Get over 150 levels and with different difficulty.
  • Earn different google play achievements.
  • Check your points on the leaderboard.
  • Free to download.
App Available On Google Play Store:
Mathematikmeister Mathe Spiel
Mathematikmeister Mathe Spiel

#07 – Math Tricks Workout – Math master – Brain training:

Math tricks app/workout is the math practice entertaining app that delivers different efficient maths skills. With this app, you can learn maths for free and in an efficient way. The app lets you learn different maths tips. “Math Tricks Workout – Math Master – Brain Training” app is fun as well as the amazing way to learn maths. This app is also very much useful for all those who are preparing for competitive and other exams.

Math Tricks Workout - Math master - Brain training

The app offers following maths tricks –

  • Number squaring ending with Five.
  • Multiplication with eleven.
  • Two number multiplication of whose last digit ends with 10.
  • Dividing number mentally by a single digit.
  • Multiplying a number which is close to 100.
  • Addition and subtraction of number from left to right of two and three digits
  • Two and three digit number multiplication using the vertical and crosswise technique.
Available Free On Google Play Store:

#08 – Math Practice Flash Cards:

“Math Practice Flash Cards” is the fun math game that is developed by “TeachersParadise: Learning games for kids & adults” that helps in practicing mental maths like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Math Practice Flash Cards

Key Features Are stated Below –

  • Here you can create your own quiz.
  • Multiple choice answer and questions present that you can enter through the numeric keypad.
  • Clear user interface.
  • Negative marking is also allowed.
  • Fun mode and sound are also available.
Download Available From Google Play Store:
Math Practice
Math Practice
Price: Free

In general, kids develop a fear of maths due to the lack of right approach from the early stage of their learning. Either the methods we adopt frighten them or the lack of fun elements in it. Both of these obstacles could be overcome if we use Math Practice Apps for Android or iOS, cause kids love to play with Phones for sure. Use that to your advantage to get them acquainted with Math and grow their fluency and Math Skill in an effective way.

We have listed 8 Best Math Practice App in this list. Do you have any other preference? If yes, do share that in the comment section with us.