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Math is one of those subjects which needs to be taken care of right from the beginning or else there is a high possibility your kid may develop a Mathematical anxiety growing up. Math is certainly not a favorite subject for many and if your kid does not like it, you are certainly on a tough road. Not to worry, cause there are plenty of cool Math Games Apps available for smartphones which are fun to play and they will get your kid more acquainted to maths. We have rounded up 8 Cool math games Apps which are quite capable of train your kid’s brain.

8 Cool Math Games Apps to Train your Brain

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#01 – Cool Math Endless Run:

Sharpen your mathematics skills in the endless and adventurous mathematics run game. “Cool Math Endless Run” is the educational game i.e math game that keeps you up in maths and also lets you practice maths while playing. It is a fun game with unique learning mechanism that boosts childrens’ knowledge.

The basic concept of playing this game is, all your friends are kidnapped and taken to the Halloween town. You need to save them before midnight and so they do not turn into scarecrows. Keep playing this educational game, Unlock exciting as well as cute unknown friends and enemy characters. This game tests your speed i.e how fast you are in maths. Suitable game for all kind of people.

Cool Math Endless Run

Key Features Are As Follows –

  • This game is suitable for all ages of people including kids.
  • This is hands down one of the Best Math Games Apps with remarkable visuals out there on App Stores.
Download The App For Free From Google Play Store:
Available On App Store:

#02 – Math Master – Math Games:

From now on , you won’t get bored while learning maths as because the “soneg84 Games” has brought to you a new math game which is “Math Master – Math Games” that helps in polishing your mathematics skills. This interesting math games app gives you different math related questions which you need to solve for leveling up. The app teaches you to count in mind quickly. With the help of this game, one can improve IQ level, memory and analyzing ability. Download available for free on google play store with in-app purchase.

Features Available In This App –

  • Learn addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as well.
  • Simple true and false mode also available.
  • Up to 150 levels and difficulty increases with increase in level.
  • Also, earn google play achievements.
  • Check your points on the leaderboard.
  • Simple and great design.
  • Supports multiple languages.
Download The App For Free From Google Play Store:
Math Master - Math games
Math Master - Math games
Developer: soneg84 Games
Price: Free+

#03 – Chhota Bheem Maths vs Aliens:

“Chhota Bheem Maths Vs Aliens” is an impressive maths game with lots of “Chhota Bheem” cartoon characters. The basic scenario of this game is, the people of “Dholakpur” village are being attacked by the aliens and they are converted into aliens. Somehow, “Chhota Bheem” has saved one of his group members “Jaggu” and turned him back to human as before. The way to save others is to use the power of math magic. You need to show your math skill and help Bheem in saving village members.

Key Features Are As Follows –

  • You get 7 different countries with exciting 63 levels.
  • Polishes your mathematics skills.
  • Learn basic math like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with fun.
  • With its addictive features and graphics, it keeps players engaged for a long time.
  • There are 9 levels of each part.
  • Get questions related to addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and etc.
Download The App From The Google Play Store:
Chhota Bheem Maths vs Aliens
Chhota Bheem Maths vs Aliens
Developer: Nazara Games
Price: Free+

Get it from App Store:

#04 – Brain Math Game:

“Brain math Game” is the best-rated game offered by “Tolan” for Einstein Challenge. With the help of this game, test your mental ability and compare your self with others. You have to beat others to move ahead. This app helps in constant brain training, mind development and also keeps your brain active.

How to play this game?

After you install and run the app, get several bubbles that contain several numbers inside. The thing you need to do is to quickly add the numbers and then that bubbles/number will be hidden and you will be given four options with one correct and you need to select that correct one then move towards the next level. With a wrong selection, one option will be decreased next time and then you will need to select the one form the remaining three options.

WWhen you get qualified to the higher level, you can also unlock different achievements. With the promotion to the higher level, the difficulty level also increases.

Brain Math Game

With The New Update, The App Also Offers Following Additional Features:

  • You can play until you make your first mistake i.e with the quick game mode.
  • Play without any time restrictions.
Available Free On Google Play Store:
Gehirn Mathe-Spiel
Gehirn Mathe-Spiel
Developer: Tolan
Price: Free

#05 – Math games, Mathematics:

Practice maths while having fun. This “Math games, Mathematics” app is based on the principle of “Cognitive Psychology” that helps in learning as well as practicing different mental skills, attention, concentration, logic and more. This app provides many mathematical methods like tough squaring and root. The app also guides you while solving different mathematical sums.

Math games, Mathematics

Key Features Of This App Are As Follows –

  • “Math games, Mathematics” app is the cool math game app that also helps in brain training.
  • This is one of the best math training apps that helps children to learn multiplication, fraction, addition, subtraction and more.
  • Play this game anywhere and anytime and make your free time useful.
  • Two-to-three seconds multiply with tricky mathematical methods.
  • Square root and multiplication become easy to do.
  • Available in seven different languages.
  • Auto update through which, you can get all new lessons and exercises.
  • With 2 modes, there are 16 different mathematical tasks.
  • Also get different math tricks related to –
Download The App From The Google Play Store For Free:
Math games, Mathematics
Math games, Mathematics
Developer: NixGame
Price: Free+

#06 – Kids Math By Orkun2u Studios:

Improve maths skill and maths calculation speed with this “Kids Math” app. The app contains different exercises with maths questions for kids/children from 6-16 years old and the categories based on the difficulty. This app covers following topics – addition, multiplication, division, subtraction, number sorting, counting and comparison.

Key Features Are Stated Below –

  • Number sorting features also available (i.e ascending and descending both) and in three modes i.e easy, normal and hard.
  • Ccomparison between largest and smallest number facility also available.The app also teaches you how to count number from 1 – 100.
Download Available For Free On Google Play Store:
Best Math Games
Best Math Games
Developer: Orkun2u Studios
Price: Free

#07 – Math Games:

Improve your mathematics skill while playing a game on your smartphone. This cool maths practice and game app offered by “Choloepus Apps” will let your kid learn math in a fun way. This app supports 10 different languages.

Math Games

Download The App From Google Play Store:
Mathe Spiele
Mathe Spiele
Developer: Ocosys
Price: Free+

#08 – Kids Math By Mobiloids:

This educational game for kids who face difficulty while solving maths is quite effective. The app basically is divided into three different parts, that are – Kids Math Tests, Sum Finder, Math Matching Game. Usually, many games or app contains annoying ads or some adults content but while talking about “Kids Math By Mobiloids”, we can tell you that this game does not contain any notification bar ads or any adult content as of now. 

  • Kids Maths Test – Pass 8 different maths level with 10 questions in each containing mixed operations, subtraction, fractions, multiplication, division, addition, finding greatest and smallest numbers etc within the time limit provided. At first, 45 seconds will be provided and with every right answer, extra 4 seconds will be added as well as with every wrong answer, 5 seconds will be deducted. Here, the best part is, you get the new question every time you play the game.
  • Sum Finder – Here the app provides you multiple numbers and you need to find its sum within the time allotted. With every right answer, you are promoted to the next level. You never feel bored as because the difficulty increases with every level up and it contains unlimited levels.
  • Math Memory – Match the tiles with its same value. If you are thinking that the game contains ordinary matching, then you are wrong as because, here you also get some tiles with mathematics expressions.
Download From Play Store:
Kids Math
Kids Math
Developer: Mobiloids
Price: Free+

We hope above listed Math Games Apps will surve your purpose. Did you find any other cools Math Games Apps? If, yes do share with us.