Healthy Eating Apps

Best Healthy Eating Apps: Eating healthy is the ultimate key factor to keep your nutrition in check If you are looking to keep your body healthy, fit or lose a few pounds. Theoretically, all you need to do is eat a little less and work out a little more. But that may not suffice to serve your purpose if you are not eating healthy food. In order to have a healthy diet, you should have a proper nutrition food intake which practically involves having a proper knowledge of what food is good for your body type, what food does not have any impact etc.

In order to make this daunting task easy, apps could come really handy. There are some certain apps which are capable of locating healthy foods in your nearest food store, tracking and counting your daily intake which can eventually help you to reach your fitness goal quite convincingly. We’ve hand picked 5 Healthy Eating Apps based on their user feedback, rating, performance, quality and overall reliability. Though it is strongly suggested you should take these apps as a support system and take a proper consultation from a nutritionist or doctor if you need.

Here is the list of 5 most useful Healthy Eating Apps

#01 – FitMenCook – Healthy Recipes:

In today’s time, eating healthy food is very much expensive but “FitMenCook – Healthy Recipes” has brought to you the best solution for this. This app has many healthy as well as the struggle free food recipes that are easy to cook and will be up to your wallet/budget. “FitMenCook – Healthy Recipes” is one of the best apps that had been used by more than 1 million people.

Here are the Features and Functions Of This App –
  • “FitMenCook – Healthy Recipes” app offers you the best and affordable food that is also healthy to eat.
  • Along with the healthy food, this app also keeps in mind the taste and the recipe ingredients.
  • Get guidelines and instruction to prepare meals.
  • Fit for all i.e the app provides you the recipe for the bodybuilder, as well as for those who want to lose weight or gain weight.
  • The app also syncs the google fit with the help of which, the app keeps tracking the progress report.
  • Measured Units can also be switched from the U.S to imperial or matrices.
You Can Download This App from The Google Play Store Link We Provided Below –
FitMenCook - Healthy Recipes
FitMenCook - Healthy Recipes
Developer: Nibble Apps
Price: Free+
Also Available On App Store:
‎Fit Men Cook - Healthy Recipes
‎Fit Men Cook - Healthy Recipes
Developer: Nibble Apps Ltd
Price: 4,49 €+

This app has overwhelming responses from 1781 users in play store with 4.8 stars which certainly tells the story how efficient this app is in what it does.

#02 – Lose Weight Fast: Healthy Diet & Workouts: MevoFit:

Lose weight app helps you to make your goals fulfill. This “Lose Weight Fast: Health Diet & Workouts: MevoFit” app delivers you the idea of different healthy as well as the low-calorie food that helps you to make your goal come true. This app offers a recipe for different health goals like weight loss, weight gain or a healthy body. As per the users, review received, the app provides you the best nutrition recipe along with the best workout plans. In Short, “Lose Weight Fast: Healthy Diet & Workouts: MevoFit” is your personal trainer.

Features Offered By This App –
  • More than 5,00,000 recipe/healthy food database items.
  • Offers voice command functions with the help of which, you can search for your own favorite recipe.
  • Also get healthy diet plans.
  • This app automatically counts the steps with the help of which, this app can estimate the total calorie you burn a day.
  • Get daily cardio exercises and much more.
Download This App From The Google Play Store Link We Provided Below –
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Download This From The App Store:
‎MevoFit: Weight Loss & Fitness
‎MevoFit: Weight Loss & Fitness

#03 – Healthy Nutrition Guide:

Get the healthy nutrition guide every time with you in your pocket. One of the best apps that delivers you the best diet food recipe in an intelligent way. The “healthy Nutrition Guide” app is the best way to give your health goal a conclusion. This app delivers healthy nutrition guide as well as a recipe which is as important as a regular and proper workout.

Download This App From The Google Play Store:
Healthy Nutrition Guide
Healthy Nutrition Guide
Download From The App Store:
‎Healthy Nutrition Guide
‎Healthy Nutrition Guide

#04 – Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal:

“Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal” app is the best app that delivers you the best fitness and health tips. Wheather you need to lose weight, gain weight or to be fit, this app supports you in everything. This is the best as well as the effective app that also delivers you the different healthy food recipes. You can sign up in this “Calorie Counter – MyFitnesssPal” app for free. So, download this app on your smartphone now and get health tips for free.

Here are the reviews as well as the features of this “Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal” app –
  • With the barcode scanner, the apps scan food barcodes and its database can scan and recognize more than 4 million food items.
  • Deliver healthy food recipes and has more than 6 million food items.
  • “Restaurant Logging” features with the help of which, you can get access to the menus of your favorite restaurants.
  • Calorie Counter feature.
  • Also tracks daily water you intake.
  • Here you need to choose the goal what you want and this app provides you different health tips and recipes.
  • A huge database that contains more than 350 exercises.
  • Also get cardio exercise.
  • Also tracks your step and check how many calories you burn.
  • You can also share your progress with your friends.
Download The App From The Google Play Store Link We Provided Below –
Available In The App Store:
Developer: Under Armour, Inc.
Price: Free+

#05 – SideChef: Step-by-step cooking:

“SideChef: Step-by-step cooking” app delivers you the healthy and nutritious food cooking recipe. The app provides various instruction as well as the photos of the different healthy recipe. “SideChef: Step-by-step cooking” app is offered by the “Sidechef” that makes cooking easy. Well, from the below section, you can get the features of this app.

Features Of This App –
  • The App offers more than 4000 steps of cooking.
  • You can search for the recipe based on the ingredients.
  • You can rate your favorite recipe and can also share your recipe and much more.
Download the App From the Play Store Link Provided Below –
Also Available on App Store:
‎SideChef Recipes
‎SideChef Recipes

There are some other helpful food apps listed in the app stores which are quite useful as well. What Healthy Eating Apps do you use? Would you like to recommand any apps to be added in this list?