Google Drive App- The Ultimate Cloud solution for your storage needs: The ultimate could storage option is here. Now you need not be worried about losing your important files, images, Video or documents and there will never be any storage issue. Use this “Google Drive” app to back up all your files. Google Drive is the Cloud Storage app which free 15GB space to be used. Install this app and get 15GB free storage to back up all your Photos, Videos from the Google Photos or you can also backup all your important files like Notes, Documents Spreadsheet with this app on your Drive. Increase you 15Gb space to 100GB with a monthly Premium of $1.99 or for 1TB, 9.99/Month. You can get up to 10TB cloud storage as well for $99.99/Month.

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Cloud Storage App is very much useful to share photos, video, documents, files and etc. This provides free cloud storage and after premium, it increases the storage. In google drive app, you can invite friends to like comment or edit your images or in any of your folders. This drive backs up safely all your folder in your email so that you can’t lose any of your files. You can only provide access to others so that they can see your folders and images and also you can grant them the authority to update and files of add pic/files to any folder. As the files are stored in the cloud you can get access to all your folders, images, videos and files from anywhere you want and from any device using your email id.

The Official Google Drive app Video.

Google Drive Cloud Storage – Features:

  • Backup Safely all your folders, files, Images and Videos you want.
  • You can easily share files, folders, images or Videos you want with others.
  • You can search any of the folder or files by name or its content.
  • Can invite or grant access to your friends to view your Drive Images and folders.
  • Friends can leave a Comment or they can like and share your photo.
  • You can also set in setting”Enable File Viewing Offline”.
  • Can file details.
  • With your device camera, scan Documents.


  1. Provide up to 15GB free cloud storage and you can also increase the storage up to 100GB with a premium of $1.99/month or up to 10TB with $9.99/Month.
  2. With the premium of $99.99/Month, it provides up to 100TB cloud storage.
  3. Can access to your photos and folder from anywhere you want and from any device by confirming your email Id.
  4. You can create your own folder and can arrange and save files according to you.


  1. When you look, for your image, it does not open in a full screen. You can only see it in back screen.
  2. If you upload thousands of file on it, then it becomes very much difficult to mind a particular file and sometimes it is also not confirmed that whether the files you backed up is successfully uploaded or not.
  3. Sometimes, while you are going through all your images, some of the images, in the end, fail to load.
  4. With the new updated version, it is very much difficult to upload files on your drive.
  5. After going through some of the images, it shows errors in loading some of the photos.
With the different option on “Google Drive”, you can create following different files:
  1. With the “Google Drive Spreadsheet”, you can your own worksheet excel.
  2. With the “Google Drive Document”, you can compose a letter, essays and other document files.
  3. You can also create some slideshow as similar as Powerpoint.
  4. You can also create diagrams.

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Google Drive
Google Drive
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free+

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‎Google Drive - Dateispeicher
‎Google Drive - Dateispeicher