Food Journal Apps | +6 Most effective apps to Eat Healthy and Lose or Gain Weight


Food Journal Apps | +6 Most effective apps to Eat Healthy and Lose or Gain Weight:

It is quite easy to say to “eat less and workout more” in order to lose extra pounds. But in reality it is not that simple due to various matter. It requires proper planning, diet and guidance to achieve fitness goal. In our daily hectic schedule it is simply not possible for everyone to hit gym in a regular basis or hire a personal trainer and in order to overcome this situation we have compiled 6+ Food Journal Apps which will help to track and manage your body weight effectively. These apps will also help you to build eating proper food habit. Also check our other publication on some of best Fitness Tracker Apps for better living!

Food Journal Apps:

#01 – Food Dairy:

Food is an important part of everyone’s life which is required by our body in order to stay ALIVE. It is a good habit that you eat a properly balanced diet every day to meet the daily requirements of the body.

Food Journal Apps for android

The first application which falls under Food Journal Apps that will help you to keep track of the food intake for the kind of work that you are doing that is either working out to gain some extra cells and tissues (gaining weight) or maybe reducing the extra weight that you have put on. This application is not just a calorie counter machine, it is designed to keep the users in control. Food Dairy application will suggest to take in foods that you will require according to your fitness goal.

You just have to input your information after installing the application from the link that we have provided or from the Google Play store, and after which you will get to view the diet chart that you must follow.

Some of the features of this Food Dairy application which you must know are:

  • Be it you are lifting weights hitting the gym to gain some extra muscles, or practice running, playing outdoor games to reduce the measurement that the weight meter shows. Daily food requirements will be shown to you according to your parameter set.
  • You do not even require an internet connection to run this application.
  • The food items that will be suggested to you will be having the carbs, protein, fat and the calories mentioned. This will help you so as to measure the daily servings that you take in for the purpose/goal that you have set.
  • At the end of the day, view the total amount of carbs, protein, fats that you consumed.
  • You will get daily reminders to avoid you going out of the diet plan.

Download the application for your Android device:

iEatBetter: Food Diary
iEatBetter: Food Diary
Developer: My Daily Bits LLC
Price: Free+

#02 – Calorie Counter and Food Diary by MyNetDiary:

This particular Food Journal Apps is regarded as the world’s smartest diet application. You can use this application to lose weight and be healthy. Since 2008, this particular application has been chosen by more than 7 million people over the world for the goals they have undertaken.

This user-friendly application is no less than a coach whom you can blindly trust. This application analyzes your data input and then notify about the daily eating habits. Information rather the suggestions are shown, is strictly according to your body requirements. The application will keep a track of the daily food that you consume. It acts as a personal trainer which will always be with you.

Some of the reasons why you need to install MyNetDairy application:

  • This application has the largest and as well as verified food database.
  • The daily food database gets updated regular wise.
  • No matter if you have set the goal of burning the fats which increases your weight or maybe gain in some extra cells and tissues for your body, this application will provide you the food requirements according to your goal.
  • Along with the food requirements, you also get the exercises as well.
  • Get to track all the body measurements, what is the cholesterol level in your body and other things.

Install the application on your Apple device:

‎Calorie Counter - MyNetDiary
‎Calorie Counter - MyNetDiary

Tap here if you are an Android user:

#03 – Healthy Meal Planner – Week Recipe Planner:

Looking for an application that will help you to achieve fitness goal you have set? Well, the HealthyOut Healthy Meal Finder is one suggestion for you that will be solving your problem.

This application provides you with the restaurants that are nearby you, the dishes that are being served and the directions as well. It will show the content of calories, fat, protein, sodium in the food items that are served in the restaurants. If you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, just feed in which type of food that you want to consume, and within a few moments you will know the names of different restaurants from where you can have food.

What help does the HealthyOut application provide?

  • Find healthy restaurants.
  • You can filter out the restaurants according to the type of nutrition preference that you want.
  • A particular type of dish can also be used as a factor to sort the restaurants.
  • Veg and as well as non-veg restaurants can also be distinguished.

Install the application on your Android device by clicking here on the link provided here:

#04 – Lose it – Calorie Counter

Get yourself habituated with the World’s fun and the effective weight loss programme. The Lose it application will act as your personal coach to burn the extra calories that are present in your body. If you have the motive of becoming fat to fit then we suggest installing this application on your device.

So get ready to decrease the extra weight that you are having. The Lose it, application, as the name suggests will help you to reduce the weight you have put on. In the very beginning, you have to feed your personal information and the goal that you have set. The foods that you must have will get notified.

How does the Lose it application works:

  • Search for the contents of the food items that you eat with the help of barcode scanner.
  • Track the contents of the foods that you are suggested.
  • Create private challenges for yourself to achieve your goal faster.
  • The servings that you need to have to vanish the extra inch.
  • Customise your diet plans according to the preference of yours as to what food you will take throughout the day.

Click here to install the application on your Android device:

IOS users, click here:

‎Lose It! - Kalorienzähler
‎Lose It! - Kalorienzähler
Developer: FitNow
Price: Free+

#05 – My Diet Coach – Weight Loss Motivation & Tracker:

Planning to lose the extra kilo that you have? My Diet Coach – Weight Loss Motivation & Tracker application will help to do so.

This particular application will provide you with the diet plan, which being followed by the users will help them to lose weight. Foodies who think that losing weight will be one such hectic job for you, then you try out this application.

What actually does the My Diet Coach – Weight Loss Motivation & Tracker application do?

  • Help you to achieve your goal of reducing the extra inches.
  • Get reminders every day so that you do not deviate from the path of achieving your goal.
  • You get the daily intake of food and in what proportions.
  • Exercises will be shown to you to achieve your goal much faster.
  • Take on small challenges that the application has.
  • You can track your progress.
  • Reminders to drink water will also be shown to avoid going dehydrated.

Get the application installed on your Android device by clicking here:

Install the application on your IOS Device:

‎Mein Diät-Coach: Abnehmen
‎Mein Diät-Coach: Abnehmen

#06 – MyPlate Calories Tracker:

If you are using a smart phone then get yourself accustomed to the most user-friendly way to keep a track of the calories that you intake and stay fit as well. The LIVESTRONG have come up with this procedure to count the calories that are going inside one’s body.

Food Journal Apps for iOS

Keep yourself updated with more than over 2 million food database.

Talking about some of the features of the application are :

  • Use the barcode scanner to find and track the food easily.
  • You get a personalized diet chart for yourself so that you work on the goal that you have set.
  • A 24*7 real-time support from the Developers.
  • Set reminders to at what time you will have your meals for the day.
  • Customise your exercise and diet routine.
  • View your progress.

Get yourself this application downloaded by clicking on this link:

MyPlate Calorie Tracker
MyPlate Calorie Tracker
Price: Free+

IOS users click here:

‎MyPlate Calorie Counter
‎MyPlate Calorie Counter