5 Best Construction Management Apps That Builders Should Have On Their Smartphone


5 Best Construction Management Apps That Builders Should Have On Their Smartphone: In this current time, the smartphone is the prominent way to manage the different construction project because it provides the edge over mobility on the go which construction management professional can utilize the fullest. Nowadays, there has been much different construction management app offered by different developers that help you out in managing project costing, time, designing and much more. With these apps, you can easily manage your different construction work even if you are not on the construction site. Among which, we provided below some of the Construction Management Apps which are best and most efficient as per the user reviews. Check those out from the below –

Best Construction Management Apps

#01 – Fieldwire – Construction Management & Punch List:

To kick-start the best Construction Management Apps the first which definitely comes to list is Fieldwire. Get connected with all your field team with this #01 construction app i.e “Fieldwire – Construction Management & Punch List”. This one of the best construction apps that had been trusted as well as downloaded by more than 1,00,000 people. This app is supremely capable of tracking and managing your project. With this app, you can view blueprints, mappings, painting and even if you are not on the field, you can track the punch list and can do your project management from wherever you are. Normally, this app is used in the large project and another quite lucrative additional feature of this app is that you can also schedule your work and track them.

Fieldwire – Construction Management & Punch List – Features –
  • The “Fieldwire – Construction Management & Punch List” app is eventually for viewing the Blueprint and Drawing.
  • View HD plans even if you are offline.
  • Blueprint folders.
  • Auto Hyperlinking facility.
  • Do measurements.
  • Get instant notification.
  • Easily Track costing and much more features.
Download The App From google play –
Download The App From iTunes:
‎Fieldwire - Bauwesenapp
‎Fieldwire - Bauwesenapp
Developer: Fieldwire
Price: Free+

#02 – Project Management Training:

The free as well as one of the best construction project management apps that had been brought by the “Project Management Expert” to let you know how to manage the construction projects which will definitely make its place to our list of best Construction Management Apps. With this app, you can come to know about how to manage a particular construction project and you will also come to know about how to start a project, plan work, manage then and to execute. This app will be helping you to know about all latest project management tips that will be thought you by the management expert “Jennifer Whitt” and “Devin Dean”. In this “Project Management Training” App, you will be getting these –

  • Videos of project management.
  • Plan, advice and tricks on starting a new project.
  • Everyweek get all new videos uploaded to this app.

Project Management Training App Makes You Learn –
  • The process of Starting a new Project.
  • Planning about the project in-depth.
  • Managing – cost, quality, team, resources, contractors etc.
  • Producing all Deliverable on Time.
Download This “Project Management Training” App From Google Play Store:
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#03 – Construction Report Manager:

Construction Management app features you the communicative and interactive features to organize your project in a proper way. With this “Construction Report Manager” mobile app, your employee can input construction details and project data from the construction site and that can be easily shared with the management. This app provides all these facilities like sharing project data, viewing your project, updating any details to your project and sharing it with your employee, controlling project and much more on your fingertips.

Capabilities Of Construction Report Manager Are –
  • Informs you about the Weather status.
  • Help for planning document.
  • Calculator.
  • Make Measurement Calculation.
  • You can report from this app for any Emergency or safety.
  • Manage Expenses.
  • Report for the equipment you require.
  • The best part is the offline report facility.
Features/benefits of this app –
  • Gather and share data from project site to the office on a real-time basis.
  • Helps contractor to set price details for all labor.
  • Create a different project and assign different engineers for different projects.
  • Request from the company about the required items for the further projects.
  • Do project management like – estimating labor cost, quantifying labor, material, contract and other costs from this app.
  • All the report of labor is stored in the mobile and also on the server.
  • You can evaluate the work.
  • Helps in keeping interaction between the employee and the management department.

User Feedback: 

  1. A distinct user manual is missing for the starter which makes this app bit difficult to use at the begging.
  2.  Sometimes adding a new project is not working as it suppose to be. (A minor bug could be addressed)
You can Download The App From The Google Play –
Construction Report Manager
Construction Report Manager
Developer: ZAAR APP
Price: Free


#04 – Construction Management App:

“Construction Management App” one of the best project management app with construction cloud feature. This app has been used by the management department, owner, operator or the contractor. This app helps you out to overcome the issues you face while continuing your construction process. Construction Cloud feature of this construction management app helps you out in managing, assembling or convert the documents. With the “Construction Management” Mobile app, the field worker can easily capture and can enter the details or can create new information even if they don’t have an internet connection. The data entered by the workers while offline will be automatically synced by the app and will be shared with the others automatically when they connect their device to wifi or turn on the mobile data.

The number applications which could be implemented through this app:

Construction SAFETY Software:
Safety inspections, observations, toolbox talks, inductions, Permit workflows and much more.

Download The App From Google Play Store:

#05 – Construction Manager:

This relatively new app to the store is quite capable of giving you hand in your construction project. This app has been brought to you by the “Snappii” that provides you accurate and regular information about the project you are continuing. This also provides you the timesheet feature to track works and projects. With this “Construction Manager” app, you can speed up your construction project, can increase work efficiency, reduce expenses/cost and can also save time.

“Construction Manager” app provides you following features –
  • Record your daily important events in this app.
  • Store a daily reports and maintenance log recorded on this app.
  • You can also send your construction estimation i.e room size etc to your customers.
  • Make your own contact list on this which can be needed for any emergency calls.
  • You can work on this app even if you are offline.
  • With this app, track work and projects.
  • This app is the type mobile timesheet app.
  • The best part of using this “Construction Management” app is that through this app, your workflow optimizes and also increases your labor efficiency.
Download The App From Google Play –
Construction Manager
Construction Manager
Developer: Snappii
Price: Free+
Download The App From iTunes:
‎Construction Manager App
‎Construction Manager App
Developer: Snappii
Price: Free+

Over to you:

These are the most efficient Construction Management Apps are currently available as on January 2018 on app store. What app do you use?