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Carrom 3D an amazing board game to make your life more thrilling – Download Now: Those of you who love playing the game of carrom, they must be knowing that you will now be able to play your favorite game up on your Android game. The Carrom 3D game must be then installed up on your phone from the Google play store.

The Carrom 3D application helps you to play the game in a 3D mode. So to have the experience of playing the game of Carrom in a 3D version, you got to have this application downloaded at the earliest.

The rules of playing this game is exactly the same that is how you play in the real. You will be having the coins in the color of White, black and a red one. The White carries 20 points, the Black carries 10 points and whereas the Red one carries 50 points.

Here is the official trailer:

Shoot the coins faster than your opponent does, is the rule when you are playing the game of carrom. the queen or the red needs to be pocketed with a cover of the colour of the coin that you are playing with. Try your aim and hit the coins to the pocket that is present on the either corners of the carrom board. Make sure that your striker is not going inside pocket or else you have to pay a penalty for it. The penalty will be borne by the one who pockets the striker and must be met with the coin for which he/she is playing with.

You can try out any zig-zag shots that you feel like or hit straight at the place of the coins where on a touch of the striker, the coins go inside the pocket. Well, if your coin and the striker simultaneously goes inside the pocket, you will be required to pay 2 coins of the colour of your coins that you have pocketed and then you will be again getting a chance to hit.

This aim will be helping you to improve your aim and skills. Try out the different modes that can be played in the Carrom 3D application and be a pro in playing the game of Carrom. For more board games check this.

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Carrom 3D
Carrom 3D
Developer: Zagmoid
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