Best Personal Trainer Apps

Being in shape is certainly not an easy task to do. Hitting the gym or hiring a personal trainer help a lot but that would certainly cost you some precious bucks. If you are a bit short on budget or simply do not want to spend on your personal trainer then you can take a look at these 9 Best Personal Trainer Apps which have the potential to help you along the way on your fitness journey.

9 Best Personal Trainer Apps:

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#01 – Runtastic Running & Fitness Tracker:

The Runtastic Running & Fitness Tracker app will help each and every people to reach their fitness goals and also increase the speed of running. Let this Runtastic application to be your go-to fitness tracker and see the wonders that it can do.

The Runtastic application has been designed especially to keep a track of the daily miles or kilometers that you cover by walking, running or even by jogging. This particular application is fully optimized for Android Wear 2.0. So connecting your smartwatch is a good idea and you won’t need to check the phone to know the records. Users can ask for guidance if needed, what are the possible ways that they can follow to improve their performance. The Global fitness trainers and other professionals connected with the Runtastic community are there to help you out. Follow their guidelines and improve your skills.

Some features of the Runtastic application are:

  • It keeps a track of the kilometers that you cover.
  • Get advice from the world-class experts/trainers.
  • Never get bored with the powerful music which will provide a boost to you.
  • View the progress over the period of your training session.
  • Share the success with your close ones.
  • It supports the connectivity of smartwatch.

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Download the app from App Store

‎adidas Running App Runtastic
‎adidas Running App Runtastic
Developer: adidas
Price: Free+

#02 – JEFIT: #1 Workout Tracker, Gym Log & Fitness App:

More than 8 million people are a part of the JEFIT community already. Why don’t you become one today?

The entire community uses this application to keep a track of their physique transformation.

This application not only keeps a track of the workouts that you do but also provides the workouts that you need to practice to reach your fitness goal. Input your fitness goal and the desired weight and you will get the workouts schedule. The suggestions shown to you will be in high-definition. Photos, as well as videos of the workouts, are provided. Take a look to know the way it is to be performed. You have to perform the workouts that are suggested just the way it has been shown. In case any of the exercises are practiced incorrectly, there is a high possibility of having a cramp so it is advised to have a proper idea before your start. It covers almost everything and that’s why it is one of the Best Personal Trainer Apps.

The JEFIT application provides these features, have a look:

  • Get workouts to reach your fitness goal.
  • Track the workouts and edit the routine.
  • Take part in the daily challenges and reach the fitness goal much faster.

Some of the special features of this application are:

  • You get the notification when its time for you to practice the exercises.
  • Super workouts and circuit training workouts are also shown on the app dashboard.
  • Body measurements and weekly planning for scheduling.
  • Weight loss, cardio, and as well as shredding exercises are shown.
  • One can store the workouts in the Cloud.

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Any IOS user willing to install the JEFIT Application may tap the download option that is available:

‎JEFIT Workout Planner Gym Log
‎JEFIT Workout Planner Gym Log

#03 – Workout Trainer: fitness coach:

This app certainly qualifies as one of the best Personal Trainer Apps. If you are looking for any fitness application that will cut down the budget of hitting the gym, then we suggest you to install this particular Workout Trainer: fitness coach application on your smart phone.

If you are one of those busy persons who doesn’t have any free time to hit the gym or maybe you are so restless that you do not feel like to do work on your body then this application will help you out. Upon installing you will get in touch with experts who will guide you. The fitness trainers that are present on the other side are always ready to help whenever you face any difficulties. The trainers will not only provide you with the workouts to reach your fitness goal but also suggest you various foods that you should have. The diet chart provided is strictly according to the body weight and the various inputs that you have fed in. So in general, not everyone will have the same diet chart and the workout routine.

Some special features of this application are:

  • You can hire a fitness trainer for yourself who will look for the portions you lack and guide you in each of the steps. But an important thing that must be kept in mind is; to avail this feature, you have to pay a certain amount of money.
  • Set the fitness workout level according to your choice.
  • Workouts present here are at different levels. It doesn’t matter that whether you are new to the fitness world or a professional athlete. You will be guided accordingly.
  • Get the customized diet meal plans which you must follow positively to reach your fitness goal much faster.

Download the app from Google Play Store

get it from App Store

‎Training - Workout Trainer
‎Training - Workout Trainer
Developer: Skimble
Price: Free+

#04 – Nike Training Club – Workouts & Fitness Plans:

Nike Training Club is the ultimate fitness application that one can have to be fit. Get in proper shape with the help of the Nike Training Club application. There are more than 160+ workouts which will help each and everyone to meet their fitness goal.

So, if you are willing to work on your strength, fitness, weight loss, endurance capability then the Nike Training Club is the option that you can rely on. The world-class fitness experts that are a part of the Nike Training Club will guide you in every fitness spheres.

The daily “Pics for you” option will contain motivational items to help your transformation journey. Stay motivated the entire day with the fitness motivations that are sent. After installing the application you have to feed your personal information, then only you will have the diet chart and the different workouts.

  • NTC provides workout suggestion to the people regarding Yoga, Boxing, Core, Endurance, Mobility.
  • The time for practicing the exercises does not extend more than 45 minutes.
  • Workouts for beginners, intermediate and as well as for the professionals are there.
  • Only knowing the capacity of yours, set the difficulty level of the workouts that you prefer.
  • Sync your workouts with Google Fit.

Link for the Android users:

iPhone or iPad users may get the app from here:

‎Nike Training Club
‎Nike Training Club
Developer: Nike, Inc
Price: Free

#05 – Endomondo – Running & Walking:

Track the different physical activities that you practice through the entire day with the help of the Endomondo application. Still lacking in motivation? You can download this application and have that kickstart, which will keep you motivated for the entire transformation journey.

The Endomondo application offers these features

  • Keep a track of the various places you travel, by using the GPS feature.
  • Check the calories you burn, cycle or run, the distance traveled and so on.
  • Get audio feedback on the distance and the speed by which you cover the different locations.
  • The application keeps a count of the heartbeat as well.
  • Check the chart to view your progress.
  • Analyse your performance, check how much time of the day you spend in training.

You can also join the Endomondo Premium community and gain access to perform exclusive training workouts. Pay an amount of less than £2 and be a part of the Premium community. If you want to install the application on the smartphone that you use then tap the link provided.

Link to install the application on the Android devices from Play Store:

Endomondo - Laufen & Gehen
Endomondo - Laufen & Gehen
Price: Free+

IOS people, tap here to install the application:

‎Endomondo Sports Tracker
‎Endomondo Sports Tracker

#06 – Google Fit – Fitness Tracking:

Without any effort keep a track of the various physical activities that you do during the time you are off the bed. Be it from walking the miles, jogging or even running down the different places or maybe the paths that you cover cycling all these activities is recordable with the help of Google Fit application.

Traits of the Google Fit application are:

  • See real-time stats for the type of physical activities you do.
  • The route that you choose to travel is viewable with the GPS facility.
  • The Google Fit will record your speed, elevation, and other things.
  • Set your goal and you will be notified by the application itself when you achieve it.
  • Track the progress from anywhere you want.
  • Android users Get the application from  Play Store
Developer: Under Armour, Inc.
Price: Free+

#07 – Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal:

Start living a healthier life with the help of the MyFitnessPal application.

A total of over 200 million pounds have been lost by users, so why don’t you be a part of this community and reduce the extra pounds that you are having?

The reasons that make the MyFitnessPal application stand out from the other related applications are:

  • You get the largest food database. From global food items to cuisines, all are present here.
  • Scan the food and know about its nutritional qualities with the help of the Barcode Scanner.
  • Learn how to cook nutritional foods with the help of the recipe counter.
  • The calories that one intake gets automatically recorded.
  • Get to know the carb, fat, calorie, sugar, fiber, vitamin content in the different foods that you have.
  • Customise your meal plan with the help of this application.
  • Connect with your friends for the extra fitness motivation.

Install the application on your Android device from Play Store

#08 – Progression Workout Tracker:

Work on your entire body with the help of the Progression Workout Tracker. If you are a beginner to the fitness world, hoping that one day you too can have a well-maintained physique, then this application is the perfect option that you can rely on.

How does this application work?

  • A 7-day exercise workout chart is present. Start from the Day 1.
  • The weights that you use to perform the different workouts will get recorded with the help of your smartphone or smartwatch.
  • Build your own workout programme.
  • The application provides motivation to avoid the users from going out of track.
  • The rest counter option keeps a track of the time that one takes in between performing the exercises.
  • You can view the different workouts from the history section that you have practiced.

Get this app from Play Store

Progression Workout Tracker
Progression Workout Tracker
Developer: Zoltan Demant
Price: Free+

#09 – RunKeeper – GPS Track Run Walk:

Following the RunKeeper application is one of the simplest methods that one can do to improve his/her fitness skills. As the name goes, the RunKeeper application is designed to keep a track of the daily kilometers that one runs or walks.

Some attributes of this RunKeeper application are:

  • Calculation of the running pace, the speed by which you cycle or ride the motorbike, calories you burn, the route that you choose, all is viewable and trackable at the same time.
  • One will not get bored while performing the exercises because of the music list installed in the app.
  • Follow details the experts mention to improve your fitness skills.
  • Download this app from play store
RunKeeper - Lauf mit GPS
RunKeeper - Lauf mit GPS

Get it from App Store

We do believe that the apps we listed here in Best Personal Trainer Apps list may not be the preferred choice for everyone because there are plenty of other cool apps out there on Play store as well. What is the Best Personal Trainer Apps according to you? Have you tried any before, if yes how do you feel about that? Please do share in the comment section.