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The way of leading life has changed quite drastically in last few years. Life is more happening and that also brings more work pressure, stress, tiredness etc. which takes a toll on our body for sure. The best thing we can do to fight this situation is working out and keeping close track of our health. There is nothing more beautiful we can do to ourselves than be healthy, working out and staying in shape. I know, we try but it is not always possible to hit the gym regularly or hire a personal trainer. Apps can come handy in this situation. There are plenty of great Fitness Tracker Apps which can help you along the way to achieve your fitness goal. We have rounded up 6 best fitness Tracker Apps and Workout apps.

6 Best Fitness Tracker Apps for Android and iOS device

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#01Runkeeper – GPS Track Run Walk:

Running is one of those exercises that people perform to keep themselves fit. It is no secret that by running one can burn calories as which help them to reduce the fat content in their body. Gone are the days when people used to keep a note of the miles or the kilometers they run. With the passage of time and the invention of new technologies, we now have instruments that will do the work on our behalf. Join the Runkeeper community where the miles or the kilometers you cover running will get recorded. Now people can keep a track of the daily distance they cover. With the inbuilt GPS system, you will be able to know the roads that you are covering. By chance, if you have stepped into a locality where streets are not well versed then avail the GPS service to return back home.

Set a goal for yourself and the Runkeeper application will help you to achieve it. This means the Runkeeper application will work as a coach. From the miles that you are running or walking down the streets to providing the diet meal plan, this application will look after everything you need. You won’t feel demotivated at any point of time during the entire period of your training session. Reminders or alerts will be sent to you so that you are not going out of the track.

Some of the other features of the Runkeeper application are:

  • You have the option of inviting your friends to join the Runkeeper community and keep a track of their fitness too.
  • Discover new localities with the help of GPS function.
  • Keep yourself motivated by viewing the daily reminders and alerts.
  • You can follow the exclusive workouts that are provided to you.
  • Listen to the music of your choice with the Spotify integration.
  • Connecting wireless devices for listening to music is possible.
  • Track the miles you cover.
  • Sending of information to your close ones about the present location you are exploring is possible.
  • View your progress in this application chart as well.

Interested Android users can download the Runkeeper application from Play Store and App Store:

#02 – Runtastic Running & Fitness Tracker:

With the help of the Runtastic application, achieve the fitness goal you have set for yourself and also check the pace of running. For those people who love walking, running, jogging, and cycling, let the Runtastic application be your go-to fitness tracker. The app keeps a count of the time that you spent in performing the activity, the distance you cover, calories you burn, speed and the elevation as well. These are the features of the go-to fitness tracker. As you can see the application practically covers all those things that a sports person looks for and this is what made Runtastic application widely popular among the people at large.

Install this application and you will be guided by experts to reach your fitness goal.

Take a look at the features of Runtastic application:

  • You get a personal fitness trainer for yourself without paying a single penny from your pocket.
  • Fitness workouts (according to your goal), will be suggested that you must practice.
  • GPS and running map facility is available.
  • You get live cheering from your friends and other near and dear ones.
  • Listen to music and not get bored while you are on track to your fitness goal.
  • The application keeps a track of the distance that you cover running, walking, jogging, and cycling.
  • View the achievements of your friends.
  • You will be notified when you reach the fitness goal that you have set for yourself.
  • You can even share the progress with others.

Get the application from Play Store and iTunes App Store:

‎adidas Running App Runtastic
‎adidas Running App Runtastic
Developer: adidas
Price: Free+

#03 – Strava Running and Cycling GPS:

A wide section of the people who are into running, jogging, and cycling use this particular application to keep a track of the miles they cover. As the achievements can be shared by users so they can compete with the Strava community which indirectly helps them to reach their fitness goal.

This application is free to install that can avail the features that the Strava application provides without spending any single penny from his/her pocket but there are some IAP options available for further upgradation.

Here are some of the features provided by the Strava application

  • Know the time that you spend, the miles you cover, the calories you burn, your speed, the elevation while you workout or after your workout is over.
  • You can take part in the monthly challenges which will help you to push yourself and know your fitness position.
  • You can even connect with your friends and compliment or compete with each other.
  • Share the best photos of the run or the ride you do.
  • Work hard and bag the leaderboard top positions.

All the interested people willing to install this application on your Android or iOS device can get from Stores.

‎Strava: Laufen & Radfahren
‎Strava: Laufen & Radfahren

#04 – Argus Calorie Counter Diet, Activity, Step Tracker:

Argus application is one of those Fitness Tracker Apps which comes with a complete ‘fitness goal’ package. The Argus application comes with a super-easy calorie counter, a fast barcode scanner, and the largest food database. This application also measures the heartbeat, the other activities that you do in an entire day. There are numerous other cool features to be explored.

Some of the features of Argus application:

  • It has the best Calorie counter (by far).
  • Has the vast food database.
  • The barcode scanner is super fast and easy to use.
  • You get personalized weight loss plans.
  • The GPS tracker facility is available.
  • You have videos of the workouts which you can easily follow.
  • Take part in Challenges, to know your worth and might or whatever you call it. But the button line is, push harder to reach your fitness goal.
  • Health chart analysis to view the progress.
  • You also get the Alarm option that lets you wake up on time.

The reasons why one must use the Argus application are here:

  • It is 100% free to download but IAP is available from ranging $5-$30.
  • This application got featured in USA Today, CNN and other journals for its amazing user feedback and performance.

You can install the application from Play Store and iTunes app store.

‎Argus: Schrittzähler
‎Argus: Schrittzähler
Developer: Azumio Inc.
Price: Free+

#05 – Nike Training Club – Workouts & Fitness Plans:

Join the NTC (Nike Training Club) because this application has the potential to be the ultimate fitness expert of yours. Get in proper shape with the help of the Nike Training Club. Whether you are willing to gain some weight or if you want to shade some weight, the Nike Training Club is there to help you out with your fitness endeavor. This could also be counted as a Fitness Tracker Apps as it gives you complete data of your physical activities which you can monitor and use for your own betterment to improve your fitness.

If all you need is a well-maintained physique, then the Nike Training Club is here at your service. There are world-class Nike Master Trainers who will guide you through the entire process. The personalized diet plans will help you to reach your fitness goal. As we know, in order to be fit, we have to eat clean and proper. So it is very important that you are following a staple food chart, where the right amount of nutrition your body muscles needs is mentioned in this app. No matter if you are just a beginner or a professional athlete, you will be guided according to your situation.

Some more information about the Nike Training Club is:

  • You get workouts for boxing, yoga, endurance, strength, flexibility. Now choose the one that you like the most.
  • Select the mode you belong. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or an advanced level athlete.
  • You can select the type of workout that you would like to practice. The three options that are available: Low, Moderate and High Intensity.
  • All the exercises extent for 15 to 45 minutes. So take some time off to practice the exercise.
  • Exercises will be shown on the basis of Time-based or Repetition-based options. Select your preference.
  • Sync your workouts with Google fit.

If you feel demotivated at any point in time while you are working out, you have the option of seeking motivation from the favorite athletes. Athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo, Rory McIlroy, Ashton Eaton, etc.

Interested in installing the Nike Training Club application on your Android and iOS device? Well, tap on the link provided below to do so.

‎Nike Training Club
‎Nike Training Club
Developer: Nike, Inc
Price: Free

#06 – Workout Trainer: fitness coach:

So what if you aren’t having any fitness trainer for yourself, the Workout Trainer application is here to help you reach your fitness goal. Whether you like working out at home or at the gym, this application brings forward more than thousands of exercises and custom training programmes from the Expert Trainers that works perfectly as a Fitness Tracker App.

This Workout Trainer application will provide you with photos and videos of the workouts as how you should perform the different exercises that are suggested. It will provide you with different motivational audios so that you are motivated during your daily workout sessions.

On installing the Workout Trainer application, you have to set the difficulty level of the workouts. It is also advised to choose wisely the difficulty level as because you might get a cramp and as a result, it may lead to long-term pain and discomfort. Workout Trainer is suitable for every level of fitness.

The option of hiring a 1:1 personal trainer for yourself is possible. If you want the extra care and attention, you might avail this option. The online training sessions, diet charts, and all the other things will be provided to you. This is entirely an optional process, you might avoid the hiring part as because you need to pay a certain amount of money to avail the services that they will be providing.

If you want the Workout Trainer application to guide you through your fitness journey, install the application from play store and App Store. 

‎Training - Workout Trainer
‎Training - Workout Trainer
Developer: Skimble
Price: Free+

Honestly, there are thousands of fitness or wellness app available in the app store and it might be possible we did not include your favorite one. Do let us know which Fitness Tracker App you find most useful and your recommendation for other users.