Audiobooks are now officially available on Google Play

Audiobooks are now officially available on Google Play: If you are a bookworm or taken a new year resolution to “read more” this year, then Google has an amazing news for you. Yes, now it’s official, Google has just rolled out Audiobooks on Google play. Google started showing Upcoming Audiobooks banner on Playstore since last November, so we were expecting it to be in the store as a new year’s gift. Our wish just came true. It is now available alongside e-books within Google Play Books on Android, iOS, Google Home speakers and the Web. If you happen to possess a Google Home speaker or any other products which operate through Google Assistant then the experience will be even sweeter. Just say “Ok, Google, read my book” and you are on the go.

On the occasion of the debut, Google is offering a whole host of discount for across the board. You can get plenty of books @ $10 or less and flat 50% discount on your first audiobook purchase.

Some of the key takeaways from Google Audiobook on Playstore: 

  • Google audiobooks will be available in 45 countries: Switzerland, United Kingdom,Argentina, Australia, Austria,  Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Finland, France,  Honduras, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Russia,Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan,  Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Singapore, Sweden,  United States, Uruguay, Venezuela, Vietnam, Germany, Guatemala, Belgium, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, Malaysia and Mexico.
  • As of now, Books in 9 languages have been introduced.
  • In comparison to other competition, Google PlayBook does not charge any monthly subscription. You can purchase a single book without any commitment and enjoy at your will.
  • Previews are available. You can check if you are going to get hooked on the story or not before purchasing.
  • You can share your favorite audiobook with your family members through Family Library without paying any additional charge.
  • You can easily play audiobooks with your Google Assistant hands-free. You can set the timer just by saying “Ok Google, stop playing in 20 minutes”.
  • As of now, audiobooks can be integrated with Google Assistant only for Android phones and smart speakers globally in English. Google also announced the Assistant on Android Auto in the U.S will come to effect very soon.

As Audiobooks are now officially available on Google Play, so, what are you waiting for? Head over to the Google Play Audio Books and start to enjoy reading.